Sunday , April 18 2021

GitHub satanically messing with Markdown – changes 666 to DCLXVI, Hacker News

This seems to be followed bygithub / markup issue 991, where on ordered sub-list, decimal numerals automatically turns into roman numerals.


I have found the cause of problem. It is CSS      


This is the expected way for nested ordered lists to render in HTML.



This is not expected in HTML.



We don’t make any modifications to the default HTML behavior.


ol ol, ul ol {list-style-type: lower-roman}


I don’t know CSS but my understanding is that this is the cause of problem. I can get expected result by disabling CSS. (I am from my mobile so I can’t use browser inspector)

As mentioned in “A formal spec for GitHub Flavored Markdown“, GitHub markdown specGFM: GitHub Flavored Markdown Specis built on top of theCommonMark Spec. *****

And asTommi Kaikkonenmentioned inhis answer, the ordered list is because of the dot following 666. SeeGFM Spec section 5.2.

As mentioned insection 6.1, any ASCII punctuation character may be backslash-escaped, to avoid this
That means:

- 666 . ha.

(as explicitly shown inForNeVeR‘sanswer)

That is why that666number is changed to roman numerals in a GitHubREADMEmarkdown.

Mike Lippertcommented:


the 1st element in that list so it should show asinotdclxvi.
  Markdown ordered lists ignore the actual number used and number sequentially, and I haven’t seen a way to change that.

However, no: it showsdclxvi, because the generated html code is

    , which is consistent withthe GFM specs:


    If the list item is ordered, then it is also assigned a start number, based on the ordered list marker “

    (here, ‘666‘is the ordered list marker)

    Mike adds:



    @ VonC For anyone else here’s another useful excerpt from VonC’s doc link:



    “The start number of an ordered list is determined by the list number of its initial list item. The numbers of subsequent list items are disregarded.”


    Also, why is the spacing messed up? I didn’t catch that in your answer

    You get an ordered list

      within an un-ordered list (item) ******************************

    1. :

        1. HA.

      GitHub CSS rules include:

      . markdown-body ol {     padding-left: 2em; }

      If you put3em, you would get
      correct padding
      instead of
      wrong padding


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