How To Manage Google Workspace Admin console accounts complete Guide 2022

google admin
google admin

Here’s complete guide how you can manage google workspace admin console accounts

The management console or google admin console workspace is located in the URL From there, once you have administrator permission, you can enter the console with your username and password, and than from there start managing the Google accounts, devices or services of your domain. In fact, when a new Google Workspace account is created, the first user that is forced to register is the Google Admin.

However, the Administrator privileges they determine the functions available to you and the tasks you can perform as such. For example, an administrator with the Users privilege can only perform actions related to users, so they won’t be able to see all other features.

Depending on the role assigned to you as a user, you will have different types of access to the administration console. The super administrator it is the highest rank, where you have full access to all panel functions. It’s also possible to assign an admin role that limits the tasks it can perform, so you can assign predefined admin roles or create custom roles.

Google Workspace Admin console Manage accounts

Expand the Users box to display four periodically accessed activities: Add a User, Delete a User, Update a User’s Name or Email and Create an Alternate Email Address (email alias). The box (as shown in picture below , box on the left) also includes a Manage link that opens the Users list for your organization. In organizations where the set of users changes often, as is common in larger organizations, I recommend administrators keep this box maximized.

Access all settings

For access to all Google Workspace Admin console settings, I suggest you expand your browser to be full screen (or at least wide enough to fill most of your screen). At that point, a click (or tap on touchscreens) on the three-horizontal lines in the upper left corner should toggle the left-side menu between icons and icons with text labels and triangles to the left of items to indicate available sub-menus. Select the Show more button to ensure that all menus display (as shown in picture below).

I recommend that administrators who are new to Google Workspace take an hour or so to explore all available Admin console menu items. A methodical review of each menu item, simply accessing each and every option, provides useful exposure to the breadth and depth of controls and information available to Workspace administrators.


The Admin console search box lets you search for settings or accounts. Enter a person’s name, then select their profile from the results to go directly to their Workspace settings. Alternatively, enter a technical term or setting, such as DKIM (as in the example in Picture below), to access help pages to learn how to configure something or navigate to a setting directly from the search results.

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