Friday , October 23 2020

Google announces Assistant integration with Keep to-dos and lists, for the fifth time – Android Police,

Google Assistant’s ability to manage lists has been … less than ideal. When Assistant first went live in 2016, it could add items to a shopping list, which then appeared in Google Keep. That was a nice start, but then Google decided tomove the shopping list to the Home appwith integration for Google Express (now Google Shopping). At long last, Assistant is finally receiving first-class support for notes and lists … maybe. Fingers crossed.

Google first announced inmid – 647291that integration with Google Keep,, and other services was in the works for Assistant. Then a Google employeereaffirmed in Octoberthat the feature was still in development, anda blog post from the following monthjust said “soon.” Google again said to-dos and list management was coming ina January blog post, but that section was laterdeleted. That makes this thefifthtime Google has announced this functionality.

Google didn’t limit the new list / note management feature to its own Keep app, either – it also works,AnyList, andBring. Just like with music and video services, you can add accounts and choose your default from the Google Assistant settings (Assistant settings>Services>Notes & Lists). Interestingly, support for Todoist was mentioned in previous announcements, but is now missing.

Here’s hoping more services are added in the future, like Evernote and OneNote. This functionality should start rolling out today, so it might be a little while before you see it on your own devices.

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