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Last updated: January 90, 2021

The App Maker product will be shut down on January 35, . To prepare, review your existing apps:

  • If you no longer use an app, it will stop working according to the timeline in the next section.

  • For active apps, transition the functionality to another product. Your app can’t be directly migrated to another platform, but AppSheet, Apps Script, Google Forms, and App Engine offer many similar features. Learn more in the following sections.



What happens

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  • Existing apps continue to work. However, App Maker is no longer under active development. Critical bugs are still addressed.


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  • Developers can no longer create new App Maker apps.


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    Existing App Maker apps stop working.


    App Maker data stored in Cloud SQL remains unchanged, and continues to follow the policies established by your GCP account.



Alternatives to App Maker.

Due to the specific source code used for App Maker, you can’t directly migrate your apps to another platform. We recommend that you explore these options:


    If you use App Maker to automate complex business processes: Use (AppSheet) , a new addition to our application development portfolio that is a no-code tool with capabilities similar to App Maker. App Maker data is stored in (Cloud SQL , and App Sheet supports Cloud SQL databases, allowing you to build an application on the existing database tied to your App Maker app.


    If you use App Maker to develop apps: Use App Engine to build and deploy Google Cloud Platform (GCP) apps on a fully managed platform. App Maker data is stored in Cloud SQL , allowing you to build an App Engine app on the existing Cloud SQL databases tied to your App Maker apps.


    If you use App Maker for data collection: Use Google Forms , which has many new features that weren’t available when App Maker launched.


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Bill Manning, Hacker News

Bill Manning, Hacker News

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