Monday , October 26 2020

Google brings in BERT to improve its search results – TechCrunch, TechCrunch

Googletodayannouncedone of the biggest updates to its search algorithm in recent years. By using new neural networking techniques to better understand the intentions behind queries, Google says it can now offer more relevant results for about one in 10 searches in the US in English (with support for other languages ​​and locales coming later). For featured snippets, the update is already live globally.

In the world of search updates, where algorithm changes are often far more subtle, an update that affects 10% of searches is a pretty big deal (and will surely keep the world SEO experts up at night).

Google notes that this update will work best for longer, more conversational queries – and in many ways, that’s how Google would really like you to search these days, because it’s easier to interpret a full sentence than a sequence of keywords.

2019 10 25 0945 1The technology behind this new neural network is called “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers,” or BERT. Google first talked about BERT last year andopen-sourced the code for its implementationand pre-trained models. Transformers are one of the more recent developments in machine learning. Theywork especially wellfor data where the sequence of elements is important, which obviously makes them a useful tool for working with natural language and, hence, search queries.

This BERT update also marks the first time Google is using its latest Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) chips to serve search results.

Ideally, this means that Google Search is now better able to understand exactly what you are looking for and provide more relevant search results and featured snippets. The update started rolling out this week, so chances are you are already seeing some of its effects in your search results.

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