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Google will push an update to Android 6.0+ that can be used to detect trackers such as Apple AirTags

After Apple launched AirTags trackers, some criminals used these trackers to track target users, such as putting the trackers in bags or cars, so that they can constantly track the target user's location.

Obviously this is a huge privacy issue, so Apple later added a tracker alert function. When the iPhone detects a tracker that does not belong to the user, it will send an alert to remind the user to find the tracker and discard it.

However, there is no such function on Android. Although Apple has launched an alarm application for Android systems, most users will not actively install such applications, so the situation of being quietly tracked cannot be solved.

Google will push an update to Android 6.0+ that can be used to detect trackers such as Apple AirTags

However, this situation can be alleviated after Google is also preparing to launch a search function based on the Bluetooth crowdsourcing network, because Google and Apple are cooperating to promote the standardization of relevant protocols. At the same time, Google will also push updates to provide system-level alert functions without installing Apple’s Siren app.

Similarly, Apple has also added detection of the Android search function in iOS 17.5.that is, if an iPhone user is tracked by a tracker based on the Android search function, iOS will also alert the user.

Third-party manufacturers such as Chipolo, eufy, Jio, Motorola, Pebblebee and other manufacturers of Bluetooth trackers have also committedfutureCompatible trackers launched will also be compatible with Apple and Google alerts.

It is worth noting that Google may have launched the alert function to Android 6.0+ devices through Google Play, so updated devices cannot be obtained. For example, Android devices from domestic manufacturers may not be able to obtain this new feature. This may require domestic OEM manufacturing. It would be better for the business owner to contact Google later to see how to solve the problem.

In addition, even if Google's search network does not support the domestic market, if domestic Android phones also obtain the alarm function, they can also be used to detect trackers such as Apple AirTags, so this function is very necessary.

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