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Google's cybersecurity project 'Chronicle' is in trouble – Engadget, Engadget




Apparently, a lot of Chronicle employees only found out about becoming part of Google at a meeting the day of the announcement. Some felt that the move betrayed the startup’s original vision. Employees ‘compensation also became a sore point, because the tech giant didn’t adjust Chronicle staffers’ salaries and stock packages, which were lower than those for other Google employees.

But that’s not all: the employeesMotherboardtalked to said people have been leaving the company due to “a distant CEO” and “a lack of clarity about Chronicle’s future.” A former employee called Gillett a figurehead who didn’t care what everyone did outside of money matters. Sales and engineering people have apparently been finding other roles in Google or leaving the company entirely, because they have no product roadmap.

Gillett himself already left for another role inside Google, while co-founder and chief security Mike Wiacek exited the tech giant. “Chronicle had one of the most healthy and vibrant corporate cultures I could imagine. Things were never perfect, but that’s important,” Wiacekwrotein his farewell note.Motherboardsays Will Robison, the Chief Technology Officer, also announced internally that he’s leaving the company.

It’s not entirely clear where Chronicle will go from here. Before getting folded into Google, itannouncedits first commercial product, Backstory, which Gillett compared to Google Photos. Companies can dump data from, say, employees’ devices or servers into it, and it’ll analyze the information to automatically and quickly identify threats.Motherboardwas able to talk to at least one employee who said they were happy working at Chronicle, though, and that the team is working on new products other than Backstory.

In response, Google engineering VP Sunil Potti told Engadget that Chronicle was “critical” to Google’s security business goals, and that the company was “investing aggressively” in the team. You can read the full statement below. This doesn’t necessarily represent a bleak end, then. However, the scoop suggests that bouncing back may involve addressing some substantial issues.

“Building a security business with world-class technology and helping our customers protect their data is our top priority. Chronicle is critical to that mission, and we are investing aggressively in the Chronicle business to deliver a compelling product roadmap for customers. “







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