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grantcarthew / data-stunning, Hacker News

grantcarthew / data-stunning, Hacker News


Stunningly beautiful photos and images from around the wed.

If you do not have a copy of git ,

download it and install it .

Type the following command into a command prompt:

WARNING: This is a large repository. Expect it to take a while to clone.

This will create a directory called stunning on your computer.

Once you have a copy of this repository, use it anyway you want. I point my screensaver or wallpaper configuration at the images directory using a slideshow mode.

Image Sources ) Wikipedia) Featured pictures

  • if you know of another source of stunning images that have an open license.

    Image Details

    The Images directory contains beautiful photos and images of locations from around the globe and beyond.

    See the Images.csv file for image details.

    The CSV attributes are as follows:

    Location – Typically the country however it may be a location in space or other planets.


    If you find or create an image that you want to add to this repository make sure that it meets these requirements:

    (Uses an open license permitting copying and use of the image.)

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