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Guidemaster: The best tech that will make your home an even better place, Ars Technica


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We could all use a little more help around our home, and luckily now there’s a lot of tech that can lend a hand. There are a plethora of smart home devices that can do everything from lock your doors, vacuum your carpets, or keep a watchful eye over your possessions while you’re away.

Wading through the ocean of smart home tech isn’t easy — and, admittedly, much of the smart home space is not worth your time or your money. However, we’ve tried (and personally purchased) many home tech devices that actuallydodeliver on what they promise. These items make keeping your home how you like it much easier.

Not all of the home tech we recommend falls into the large and nebulous category of “the Internet of Things,” either — some are kitchen appliances, home speakers, gaming accessories, and other devices that most people primarily use in the home in order to make that space feel more like our own. Some after a lot of lived-in testing time, here’s all of the home tech that we think would make great gifts this holiday season.

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Philips Hue lights

Philips Hue color smart light bulbs.

Enlarge/Philips Hue color smart light bulbs.


One of the easiest ways to start making your home smarter is with smart light bulbs andPhilips’ Hueline are a good option. First, you can get white or color bulbs — while most will be happy with plain, ol ‘white, color bulbs can be fun if you want to add personality to a room with color-changing light scenes.

Second, all Hue bulbs connect to a bridge that comes with most Hue starter packs. The bridge helps the lights communicate with each other and with your home Wi-Fi, which is how you control them. Using the Hue mobile app, you can turn on and off individual lights or entire rooms lights, dim them to your liking, and set schedules. You can have all the lights in your home come on before you arrive home from work, so you’re not walking into a dark house.

Third, Hue light bulbs connect to a bunch of other smart home systems like Works with Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, and more. That means you can control your lights using voice commands or other smart commands that you customize. Not only are Hue lights an easy and affordable way to get into smart home tech, but they also make the lights in your home even more convenient to control on a regular basis.








Philips Hue White and Color starter set product image



Philips Hue White and Color starter set







(Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post throughaffiliate programs.)



Zojirushi rice cooker

Zojirushi rice cooker.

Enlarge/Zojirushi rice cooker.


I make a lot of rice and I’ve gone through at least two rice cookers in the process. After my last $ 25 rice cooker broke on me, I decided to invest in theZojirushi NS-TSC 10 Micom rice cookerand — this is not hyperbole — it’s changed my cooking life. Gone are the days of burnt or undercooked rice as Zojirushi’s magical machine has propelled me into a world where all kinds of rice are cooked to perfection every single time.

I attribute this to actually reading the directions that come with the rice cooker. If you do this and follow the instructions, washing the rice before cooking and using the proper settings on the cooker itself, everything made in this machine will be tasty. In addition to rice, Zojirushi’s machine comes with a steaming basket for steaming vegetables and other foods, and it even has a cake setting.

But the machine truly shines make rice. You don’t have to guess how much water to include as the interior pot has indicators for that, and you don’t have to guess cooking times either. The machine senses how much rice and water you put into the pot and automatically sets the cooking time. All you have to do is wait for it to play a cute little jingle as soon as your rice is done and then experience rice heaven. I’ll never go back to a cheap rice cooker again, and I implore anyone who eats a lot of rice to consider a Zojirushi machine.








Zojirushi NS-TSC10 rice cooker product image



Zojirushi NS-TSC 10 rice cooker







(Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post throughaffiliate programs.)




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