Guns, Weapons and Vehicles Painting and Drawing Super Course

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The Drawing and Painting Weapons, Guns, Vehicles, and Mechs Course gives you a total introduction to digitally drawing and painting a wide array of weapons, guns vehicles and mech robots . Or your money back.

Throughout this course, you’ll be taught the art and design skills you always wanted to learn. Whether you’re just learning as a hobbyist, or you plan on becoming a professional digital illustrator or concept artist. This is the perfect course for you.

Throughout this course you’ll be going through over 25 hours of live narrated content, over 50 lectures, and 55 downloadable resources. First I’ll be bringing you through the very basics of perspective, then shading and rendering, and finally sections on drawing and painting melee and magical weapons, guns, vehicles, and mech robots.

Here’s what you’ll get in this course:

  • Instant access to all 55 lectures, in 8 sections.

  • over 25 hours of live, narrated content where I’ll be bringing you through every step in real time.

  • Full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchasing the course!

The course is laid out in an easy to understand format:

  • First I’ll be teaching you the fundamentals of perspective. We’ll go through 1 and 2 point perspective, offering the same assignments that I had when I was a student in some of the top design schools.

  • After that, I’ll be teaching you the importance of lighting and how to shade and render the basic elements that create everything. Spheres, Cubes, Cones, and Cylinders. These are the elements that make up almost everything around us. Finishing off with Rendering 3 different weapons as a fundamental final exercise.

  • Next we move on to jumping straight into learning about the basics of melee weapons. Understanding is the most important part of effectively designing, so we’ll be looking at weapons and sketching them out with the intention to understand them.

  • After this we’ll go into sketching out Swords, Axes, Shields, Staffs, and Bows. Starting very rough and gradually refining them.

  • Next we’ll start rendering our weapons, paying attention to the forms, colors, and details. I’ll bring two of the weapons to a high quality finish.

  • After this I’ll teach you about drawing magical effects, what to think about when drawing magic, and take you through flame effects, ice effects, and lightning effects. Adding them to a weapon as an example.

  • In the next session we’ll be moving on to guns. I’ll use the same process of first understanding, then applying what we learned and using that to create believable and interesting gun designs.

  • I’ll bring you through sketching many different guns and we’ll take two of them and render them to a high polish. After this I’ll teach you about drawing scifi guns and painting lasers and effects.

  • After guns we’ll move on to vehicles. Where again I’ll teach you the basics, then introduce you to my favorite way of drawing vehicles without having to worry too much about perspective. We’ll sketch a few out that way before diving in and rendering out one of our sketches to a very high detailed finish.

  • I’ll go over the basics of tanks and boats as well and how to approach drawing them.

  • After this I’ll go over balloon airships, and spaceships. Sketching some and talking about how to approach drawing those as well.

  • Finally we’ll be diving into sketching and drawing mechs. I’ll walk you through my process when sketching them and also finish off with painting one of our sketches.

Throughout this entire course you’ll be learning:

  • How to use perspective and understand it

  • How to render and shade objects realistically

  • How to draw and paint melee weapons

  • How to paint magical effects

  • How to draw and paint guns

  • How to draw and paint vehicles

  • Adding lots of details!

  • tips and tricks on painting, drawing, and design.

  • tons of live narrated drawing!

  • over 115 downloadable resources!

Other Benefits:

  • You’ll also be getting access to the Q&A section

  • Lifetime access to all the course material.

  • Contact with me, your instructor

Sign up today and take the next step to growing as an artist!

Instructors: Colton Dubell

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