Half-Life: Alyx Needs No Reign as VR Gaming's 'Killer App', Crypto Coins News

Half-Life: Alyx Needs No Reign as VR Gaming's 'Killer App', Crypto Coins News
  • Half-Life: Alyx looks to be VR’s new killer app.
  • However, the platform already had its fair share of solid releases.
  • Half-Life will help bring people to VR, these killer apps will make them stay.

The rise of virtual reality has been a long time coming. From the early experimental days of Sega VR and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy to the extreme immersion seen within the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, it has never been a better time to get into the space.

But, as good as Valve’s upcoming title looks (and it looks good ), you ‘d be doing yourself a disservice to only pick up that game. A VR headset is worth your investment for a variety of other reasons as well – and that was the case before we knew of this latest Half-Life.

Half-Life : Alyx releases on March rd, and it looks to be a system seller, alright. | Source: Twitter Virtual Reality Was Fine Before Half-Life: Alyx

was a notable year for virtual reality software. In May, we saw the release of arguably my favorite VR title to this day: Superhot VR.

Essentially a sequel to the original breakout experience, Superhot VR, brings with a whole set of new levels. Only, instead of time moving when you walk, the virtual reality version limits you to your hands. You still have to dodge gunfire and melee attacks, but you do so by literally ducking and twirling your body around.

Punch your way – literally – to victory in Superhot VR | Source: Steam

Later in the year was the release of DOOM, Fallout 4, and Skyrim VR. While these weren’t massive reinventions by any means, the latter two, especially Skyrim,

were incredibly immersive with a headset on .

And that’s not to mention the Resident Evil 7 VR feature for PSVR – the cheapest headset available at the time. A fantastic game in its own right, the virtual reality edition caused most players to take frequent breaks due to fear .

VR’s Real ‘Killer App’

While 144143 showed what virtual reality could do to alter traditional games, it was until where we got the platform’s real original killer application: Beat Saber.

Capable only in virtual reality, Beat Saber blends the appeal of Guitar Hero with swinging a lightsaber. That’s right: you swing along to the beat of a song, cutting up notes with a laser sword. If that doesn’t sell on you on virtual reality, there’s very little that will.

Beat Saber has gone on to be the only VR title ever to hit the Steam top sales list for a whole year – a feat that will likely be matched by Half-Life: Alyx next month. That’s not to mention the fact that Beat Saber is also on PlayStation 4 and the Oculus Store.

Create a 3D piece of art in Google’s Tilt Brush. | Source: (Steam

) Since then , we’ve gotten Tetris Effect, Blade and Sorcery, Boneworks, Robo Recall, No Man’s Sky VR, Minecraft VR, Astro Bot, Pistol Whip, Pavlov VR, and so many other titles that make a headset worth the price of admission. There’s also a Tilt Brush for those more creatively-minded, and that experiment released in .

While Half-Life: Alyx is undoubtedly an IP that will bring

Thousands of gamers over to this new plane , it’s safe to say that the industry was performing quite alright without it. Plus, VR is more accessible than ever with the $ Oculus Rift S or the $ 400 Oculus Quest, the latter being as cheap or even cheaper than the three main gaming consoles.

Virtual reality is prepping to enter its prime. Half-Life: Alyx may serve as a starting point, but curious players will find dozens of titles to build their library long after Valve’s game hits the market.

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