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Health the holistic way – Deccan Chronicle,

Health the holistic way – Deccan Chronicle,

Aswini Sagar, a new generation nutritionist with experience in making nutrition a decisive part of healthcare, fitness and lifestyle transformation, is a firm believer in the saying – “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. ”

Aswini, who has spent years treating hundreds of clients for conditions including digestive complaints, weight problems, skin issues and exhaustion, believes in healthy eating, coupled with an awareness and enjoyment of the foods you consume. Her desire to extend the scope and benefits of nutrition has evolved into Ahaarveda, a nutrition consultancy house that enhances lifestyles and quality of life through the power of nutrition.

Aswini’s venture has helped many to lead a healthy life. She reveals that she fell in love with health and nutrition from her childhood, and went on to study diet and nutrition for her graduation.

Revealing that most clients want to know the fastest way to lose weight, Aswini says, “It is important to note that overnight transformation doesn’t happen. I always advocate a healthy balanced approach over time to actually losing body fat as weight. ”It was Aswini’s own relationship with food that inspired her to go into nutrition in the first place. “I have been passionate about nutritional sciences since my childhood. Apart from seeing my grandfather treat chronic health issues with food in a therapeutic way, I grew up listening to his way of treating people from my mother who also practiced the same with a selective crowd, ”she shares.

But most of all, she believes in the healing power of food. “What we eat is the main culprit behind many chronic diseases, and eating a healthier diet helps prevent and treat the most common of these debilitating conditions,” she adds.

Drawing heavily on her own experiences, Aswini set up her nutritional therapy practice Ahaarveda. Elaborating on the same, she says, “Every human being is different and has different goals and requirements, including nutritional requirements. I basically practice and preach the essence of nutrition science. ”

Aswini has worked with a wide cross-section of people, including celebrities, Pg 3 people, business owners, software professionals, college students, working women, brides-to-be, pregnant women, children and old people. Her varied and happy clients are proof enough of her expertise in customizing the diet plan as per the person’s individual lifestyle and habits.

“I strongly believe in a diet that is dependent on local grown food,” says the alumnus of Osmania University’s Department of Diet and Nutrition.

Her ability to understand an individual’s medical history and lifestyle makes her nutritional plans easy to follow and ensures visible and long term results for the clients. Despite a very hectic work schedule and a young family to take care of, Aswini practices what she preaches and is a living example of the principles she espouses.

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