Here’s how Seahawks WR DK Metcalf made a big jump in OROY odds – Field Gulls,

Here’s how Seahawks WR DK Metcalf made a big jump in OROY odds – Field Gulls,


DK Metcalfimpressed a lot of important people last week. Or, at least those who like to wager money on football things.

SportsBettingDime.comhas been keeping track of the betting odds on the Offensive Rookie of the Year candidates. According to the average across all of their top betting sites, Metcalf has been one of the four favorites since the minute he was drafted.



Don’t think of this like a typical growth graph. Metcalf didn’t plummet into second last week; he skyrocketed into fourth, which is really third considering Gardner Minshew will not finish the season as a starter. Those are odds, which means the closer to zero, the better.Josh Jacobsis the clear favorite at the moment, withKyler Murrayclose behind. Minshew should drop off the face of the chart next week, now thatNick Foles has been named the starting quarterback again. This would leave Metcalf as the people’s third choice, as he made a significant jump in odds to win following his remarkable performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some fun facts about Offensive Rookie of the Year:

  • The NFC has won it the last 12 seasons.Vince Youngwas the most recent AFC winner.
  • Unlike the typical Heisman or MVP race, quarterbacks don’t usually win.Dak Prescottis the only one of the last six seasons.
  • TheSeahawkshave never had a player win offensive rookie of the year. They’ve never won the current (since 1967) Defensive Rookie of the Year for that matter either .

SportsDime also sees Metcalf as the most likely wide receiver to win the award, ahead of fellow standoutsMarquise Brownof theBaltimore Ravensand Terry McLaurin of theWashington Redskins.   


As people of the PST know all too well, it usually takes more than statistics to gain national notoriety (Christian McCaffrey Heisman, anyone?). This is why Metcalf’s game against the Bucs was so impactful, and why this upcoming matchup against the49 ersis equally important.

Yes, Metcalf totaled a lot of yards on Sunday, and that 100 day looks really good. But he’s making crazy plays all the time, and people are starting to notice. We’vealready covered basically every one of his playsfrom Seattle’s win over Tampa Bay, but here’s another angle of what I’m talking about. Metcalf’s ability to make contested catches is truly impressive to watch week in and week out.

Enter the ability to impress once again on the biggest stage of the season to date. San Francisco’s defense has been newsworthy every week this season. It’s got all the potential to be the best Monday night game of the year. ESPN’s coming up with weird stats just to hype it.

(The) ers and Seahawks have a combined record of 15 – 2). 882 Win pct) entering Monday Night Football in Week 10.

That will be the 3rd-best combined win pct in Week 10 or later in Monday Night Football

– ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo)November 4, 2019

I’m sure the Seahawks will rotate different ways of keeping the ball away from Richard Sherman. If Metcalf can make some plays and have a significant impact against an undefeated San Francisco team, he has the name-recognition to really turn this into a three-man ROY race for the rest of the year.

My sense is that Josh Jacobs is really good, and it will be hard to take the momentum away from him. But last week sure felt like Metcalf solidified himself as at least the third most consistent option on a very high-powered offense. If the run game isn’t working, than he’s Seattle’s second go-to weapon. That should only help as the Hawks take on a ton of talented teams down the stretch, and will probably continue to throw the ball a lot.

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