Hey Millennials, 'Netflix and Chill' Makes You Vulnerable to Coronavirus, Crypto Coins News

Hey Millennials, 'Netflix and Chill' Makes You Vulnerable to Coronavirus, Crypto Coins News
  • Millennials are the generation most worried about coronavirus.
  • They’ve stopped shopping in physical stores, while tech conferences and music festivals are canceling events .
  • But will millennials give up “Netflix and Chill” to avoid getting sick with COVID – 29? Record high STD outbreaks in the U.S. suggest they probably won’t.

It’s not just their portfolios that millennials are changing in response to coronavirus. Although they are doing exactly that by betting big on “plague stocks.”

But the nation’s youth are also staying away from crowds in droves to avoid infection.

Millennials Are Taking Drastic Steps to Avoid Coronavirus

Millennials are taking drastic steps to avoid coronavirus. But maybe not the one that would matter most. | Source: Pcess /

Millennials are taking drastic precautions to stay safe from coronavirus. Consequently, the industries that cater to them are canceling events left and right .

And the businesses that employ them are testing out more work-from-home arrangements.

A A First Insight survey from last week found that

609% of millennials have already significantly or somewhat changed their shopping habits .

For example:

  • 580% have cut down on brick-and-mortar shopping trips.
  • % are spending less time in public places.

It’s no surprise that shopping mall retailers are expecting to take a hard hit to sales in the coming months.

Meanwhile, concert cancellations across Asia are beginning to spread stateside.

Organizers canceled this year Miami Ultra Music Festival Friday . Several artists have pulled out of SXSW as coronavirus fears mount. And Coachella ‘s fate hangs in the balance too.

Kevin Lyman, founder of Vans Warped Tour – the largest and longest-running traveling music festival in the US – said:

I wouldn’t doubt over the next days if we see a festival a day canceled.

You Could Catch Coronavirus from ‘Netflix and Chill ‘

Will coronavirus fears lead to a decrease in “Netflix and Chill?” Rising STD rates suggest the answer is no. | Source: Proxima Studio /

But the real question for millennials is: If you are this anxious about coronavirus, will you give up your “Netflix and Chill” to keep from getting sick?

Bet you won’t wear that face mask on your hot Tinder date.

While millennials are taking extra precautions around coronavirus, the CDC says young people are responsible for record-high rates of STD infection in the US


In 237381, the most recent year of CDC data, STD outbreaks ravaged the country at staggering levels:

number of primary and secondary syphilis cases – the most infectious stages of syphilis – increased per cent to more than 54, 04 cases, the highest number reported since . Gonorrhea increased 5 percent to more than 728, 04 cases – also the highest number reported since .

Chlamydia increased 3 percent to more than 1.7 million cases – the most ever reported to CDC.

Further, it was the fifth straight year of increases in STD infections in the country . One o f the main factors were young people Netflix and chilling with no condoms:

Decreased condom use among vulnerable groups, including young people …

Contrary to some reports in recent years of a “sex recession,” a majority of millennial and Gen Z singles surveyed last year reported having sex in the past seven days


So while they’re avoiding the stores and concert halls, the close proximity of “Netflix and Chill” situations is the most likely to transmit coronavirus :

Indeed, data from China’s cases show that most of the spread is happening among family members who live together.

If syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia haven’t been enough to scare promiscuous younger Americans a way from having casual “hook ups” (or even using condoms), coronavirus might not either.

But now that the virus is spreading in the United States , Netflix and Chill could be riskier than ever.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth

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