High School Physics Rapid Cram Course

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Don’t have a lot of time to study?

The High School Physics Rapid Cram Course focuses on the general concepts typically found in your physics course.

This course is perfect for the students who wants a refresher on the subject and don’t have time studying.

I have designed this course such that you can review a physics unit in minutes. Even better, you can even study by just listening to my bite size lectures without looking at the screen!

I know that time is the most valuable asset for high school seniors, as you will be very busy juggling your academic and social life. If you don’t have enough time to study physics, fear not for my rapid cram course is the solution for you!

The Rapid Cram Course provides:

– Bite Sized Review Units so you can re-enforce your learning for an entire physics unit within minutes

– Practice problems with video providing step by step solutions

– Resources for additional practice problems and solutions

Instructors: Mike L

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