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HK politicians dragged out of parliament after activist attacked – Sky News,


Pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong were dragged out of parliament for heckling leader Carrie Lam as they demanded an inquiry into a vicious attack on a prominent human rights activist.

Jimmy Sham, of Hong Kong’s Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), was badly injured on Wednesday night when five men attacked him with knives and hammers as he walked to a meeting in Mong Kok in Kowloon.

A CHRF spokesman said Mr Sham, one of Hong Kong’s protest leaders, remains in hospital with severe cuts to his head and badly bruised knees and elbows but is now awake and stable.

They said staff from a nearby garage who tried to intervene were threatened at knifepoint before the attackers fled in a car.


Jimmy Sham arriving at hospital after being attacked


Image:        Jimmy Sham arriving at hospital after being attacked      

As pro-democracy politicians on Thursday demanded an inquiry into the attack, they were dragged out of the Legislative Council chamber by security guards, ending chief executive Ms Lam’s question and answer session early.

They accused the security guards of excessive force, questioning why five guards needed to detain one woman waving a placard.


A pro-democracy politician tried to escape security guards in the LegCo chamber


Image:        A pro-democracy politician tried to escape security guards in the parliamentary chamber      

The group of 12 had been chanting slogans such as “five demands, not one less” in reference to the protesters’ demands.

They are: withdrawal of the extradition bill (achieved in September), inquiry into alleged police brutality, retracting classification of protesters as “rioters”, amnesty for arrested protesters and universal suffrage.


The 12 politicians wore t-shirts that said 'five demands, not one less'


Image:        The 12 politicians wore t-shirts that said ‘five demands, not one less’      

It was the second day in a row the parliamentary chamber was disrupted, after Ms Lam tried to give her Policy Address – a formal outline of her government agenda – on Wednesday,but gave up due to hecklingand delivered the address via video link instead.

The turmoil underscores the political rift in the former colony, as more than four months of anti-government protests appear to have no end.

Pro-democracy politician Claudia Mo said the attack on Mr Sham was designed to intimidate protesters and incite violence ahead of a planned march on Sunday.

“We can’t help feeling that this entire thing is part of a plan to shed blood on Hong Kong’s peaceful protests, “she said.



                                      Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam arrives to deliver her annual policy address, as pro-democracy lawmakers.                                                                                                                                                       
Protest stops Hong Kong leader’s speech                

Human rights group Amnesty International said the “horrifying attack” on Mr Sham would send a chilling signal and urged authorities to investigate

Police said they are investigating and believe the attackers are not Chinese, but did not elaborate.

From hospital, Mr Sham urged people not to seek revenge.


Jimmy Sham is one of the Hong Kong protest leaders


Image:        Jimmy Sham is one of the Hong Kong protest leaders      

In a statement, he said: “Regardless of the identity, ethnicity, skin color of the perpetrators, the root of the problem is the violence of the regime and the political system.

“No matter how difficult the situation on Sunday might be, everyone please take care and be safe.”

Ms Lam defended her efforts to end the crisis, saying: “We need to be united against violence , say no to violence. “

She said the government will set up an expert commission” to find a way out of the current situation “.



                                      The relationship between Hong Kong and China is at it’s lowest for decades. These are the six moments you need to understand to really get why it has become such an important issue.                                                                                                                                                       
Why are people protesting in Hong Kong?                

The protests – now in their fifth month – have become more violent as campaigners and police clash with one another.

Two people have been shot and wounded by police, thousands have been injured and more than 2, 300 people arrested since June.

A group of hardcore protesters have torched the city’s underground system, Chinese banks and shops which they believe are linked to mainland China.

The Asian financial hub is facing its first recession in a decade due to the unrest.


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