Hong Kong to Welcome More Than 10,000 to Chain2020 Blockchain Event, Crypto Coins News

Hong Kong to Welcome More Than 10,000 to Chain2020 Blockchain Event, Crypto Coins News

A week from now, one of the busiest financial hubs of the world, Hong Kong, is set to welcome a huge delegation of over (**************************************, people to theChain**************************** blockchain event.

Scheduled for January th, 01575879 , the event kicks off a series of educational conferences centered aroundfintech and blockchain. With innovation-led professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials and individuals eager to leverage the world’s most exciting alternative financial technologies, the event is expected to generate high interest.

To date, more than 90 experts and speakers with a global track record will be hosting and presenting a diverse range of conferences atChain. The glowing roll call already contains luminaries such as:

  • Zoran Djikanovic, PhD, Professor of Economics at UDG. He has authored several critical papers discussing regulation and market infrastructure development.
  • Susan Oh, The Quantum Impact Award recipient in partnership with the UN General Assembly. Her award puts her firmly in place as one of the Top Ten Frontier Women in Digital Technology.
  • Richard Chen, technologist. His wealth of experience in engineering internet applications has earned his great repute for his know-how in big data and AI, and blockchain technologies.
  • Dinis Guarda
  • , author, academic, influencer, serial entrepreneur and leader. Dinis is an industry light in 4IR, AI, fintech, digital transformation and blockchain tech.
  • Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof*** The award-winning entrepreneur is also a crypto activist and writer. She made her name on the cutting edge of frontier environments.
  • Henri Arslanian
  • , the PwC Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader. As the Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Henri commands wide industry respect for his insight and opinion into the Asian fintech scene. His recognized ability as an academic is also demonstrated as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong where he teaches the first fintech university course in Asia.

  • Sophia,Hanson Robotics*** Sophia is likely the most famous robot in the world. The latest version of this human-like robot, created by combining innovations in science, engineering and artistry, will be in attendance. Sophia’s research utility is part of the Loving AI project that hopes to understand how robots can adapt to users’ needs via intra and interpersonal development.

The Chain 2020 event’s location in the heart of business Asia beckons to the region’s booming population eager to use and learn emerging tech, including blockchain application in cryptocurrency.

The event hopes tobolster awareness and educationabout the technology, while promoting their adoption in various areas of socio-economy. Chain 2020 envisions itself as a leader in Asia and beyond, promoting blockchain knowledge and fostering mass adoption of the innovative technology. It seeks to influence the entire sector and looks to build networks and lasting partnerships to bring sustainable impact on the industry, furthering business, society and science.

To learn more about the event, visit theofficial Chainwebsite. To keep up with the latest updates, follow them onFacebookandTwitter.

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