'I ain't no terrorist': London Bridge attacker Usman Khan hits out in chilling footage from 2008 – Daily Mail,

'I ain't no terrorist': London Bridge attacker Usman Khan hits out in chilling footage from 2008 – Daily Mail,

TheLondonBridge attacker Usman Khan hit out in chilling footage taken after anti-terror police raided his home when he was a teenager, claiming: ‘I ain’t no terrorist’.

The 2008 clip sees the killer, believed to be 15 at the time, interviewed by theBBCoutside his house in Stoke

He says: ‘I’ve been born and bred in England, in Stoke-On-Trent, in Cobridge, and all the community knows me and they will know, if you ask them, they will know like these labels what they’re putting on us, like terrorist, this, that, they will know I ain’t no terrorist. ‘

The 2008 clip sees the killer, who is believed to be 15 at the time, interviewed by the BBC outside his house in Stoke-On-Trent

Neighbors who watched Khan grow up today said they were shocked at how he changed from a ‘lovely young lad’ to a terrorist in the space of a few years.

Khan, 28, lived at the family home on Rushton Grove in the Cobridge area of ​​Stoke-on-Trent until well into his teens.

It is now known his father is a retired taxi driver.

Khan was sporty and did well at school, but he moved out, and was jailed in 2012 along with nine other gang members for plotting to assassinate Boris Johnson – then mayor of London – bomb the London Stock Exchange on Christmas, and carry out Mumbai-style attacks (which saw terrorists reign the city

The Metropolitan Police has named convicted terrorist Usman Khan, pictured, as the man responsible for the London Bridge Terror attack which claimed two lives

Khan and his gang members, Mohammed Shahjahan, Nazam Hussein, Mohibur Rahman, Mohammed Chowdhury, Abdul Miah, Shah Rahman, Gurukanth Desai and Omar Sharif Latif were caught by police and arrested in 2010.

Those Khan left behind in the tight terraced streets of Cobridge cannot understand what happened.

They have not seen Khan since he left and was later jailed in 2010 for plotting a terror attack and residents do not believe he has been back to Rushton Grove since he was released from prison in December

Neighbors were horrified whe n they saw Khan’s picture all over their television screens and websites, following the London Bridge attack on Friday.

Serry Yousaf, 28, grew up around the corner from Khan and describes a heart-throb boy, who took care of his appearance.

‘He was such a lovely lad, such a nice person,’ she said. ‘What has happened has shocked me. We went to the same mosque.

‘He was very respectful, especially towards women. He was a very good-looking lad, always wore nice clothes, nice tracksuits and jeans. He was into Islam, but he was not one of those off his head. ‘

Up the road, a grandmother, 62, who did not want to be named, remembers Khan from a baby.

‘Everyone is so sad,’ said the woman, who has lived in the area for more than 40 years.

‘He was a good boy as a boy and as a teenager. He would always say ” hello ”. I never saw anything bad in him. I feel so sorry about what has happened. ‘

And some young people in the area appear to refuse to believe Khan ran amok on London Bridge and took the lives of two people, injuring (*********************************************************************************************************.

Who were the other terrorist gang members?

The group was sentenced in February

Mohammed Shahjahan 27, of Stoke-on-Trent, was jailed for a minimum term of eight years and 10 months

Nazam Hussain, 26, also from Stoke-on-Trent, was ordered to serve at least eight years.

Gurukanth Desai, 30, from Cardiff: 12 Years.

Abdul Miah, 25 , from Cardiff: 16 years, 10 months.

Mohammed Chowdhury, 22, from London: 13 years, 8 months.

Shah Rahman, 28, from London: 12 Years

Omar Latif, 28, from Cardiff: 10 years and four months

Mohibur Rahman, 28, from London: five years

A video is doing the rounds on social media purporting to show one of the victims on the bridge getting up after the attack, apparently uninjured.

One young man shouted: ‘They have set him up.’

Yet one man who went to school with him has revealed the terrorist became radicalized

The former classmate, who has not been named, told how Usman desperately tried to fit in at school by wearing the latest clothes – but was bullied after starting secondary school when he started to grow facial hair at an early age.

The classmate told how Khan became a recluse, with only one friend, and was the quietest student in class.

But he was shocked when just a year after leaving school, Khan saw him preaching hate on the streets of Stoke-on- Trent, under the black flag of ISIS.

And he slammed the authorities who let Khan out of prison to finally carry out the terror attacks he’d previously been jailed for planning to carry out.

The man, who still lives in Stoke, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw the man who had been arrested was Usman. We all heard that he’d been arrested and jailed for terror plots years ago, I don’t understand why he was allowed to be walking the streets.

‘He was a really quiet kid at school, he kept himself to himself but he was made fun of when he started growing facial hair long before the rest of us.

‘There weren’t many Muslim kids at our school and there was a lot of tension between the small group of Asian kids and the white kids.

‘Looking back, he obviously tried really hard to fit in and be liked – I remember he wore a Helly Hansen jacket and Rockport shoes, which all the cool kids were wearing at the time.

‘But he always used to sit by himself at school and only really had one person you could call a friend.’

The members of Usman Khan’s Al Qaeda-inspired gang who plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange and kill Boris Johnson. From left to right: Mohammed Moksudur Chowdhury, Mohammed Shahjahan, Shah Mohammed Rahman. Middle row: Mohibur Rahman, Gurukanth Desai, Abdul Malik Miah. Bottom row: Nazam Hussain, Usman Khan, Omar Sharif Latif

It comes after a grovelling letter he wrote from prison came to light earlier today, where the criminal begged to be sent on a deradicalisation course during his sentencing for his first terror offences.

In an old letter from 2012, unveiled earlier today, the terrorist begged to be shown mercy and asked for a course to be arranged so that he could ‘properly learn Islam and its teachings, and I can prove I don’t carry the extreme views which I might have carried before. ‘

He wrote:’ I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain.

‘So if you could arrange something for me and send me the details, this would be truly appreciated. ‘

The letter emerged as one of the victims was revealed to be Cambridge University graduate Jack M eritt, the course co-ordinator for Learning Together, the education scheme run by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology that Usman Khan had been attending yesterday afternoon.

The letter written by, terror suspect, Usman Khan,

, in 2012 from Belmarsh Prison, London, whilst in prison for terror offences, in which he requested to be sent on a deradicalisation course, to better understand Islam and show he had changed

It is unclear how Khan made his way to the event, as he was wearing a tag and was supposedly monitored.

Giving a statement outside Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said Usman Khan was subject to an ‘extensive list of license conditions’ on his release from prison and that ‘to the best of my knowledge he was complying with those conditions’.

A furious political row began today after it was revealed that Khan was released automatically from prison last year – though he was still tagged and monitored.

Khan, born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, originally received an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a minimum of eight years behind bars after his 2012 arrest, meaning he would remain locked up for as long as necessary, to protect the public.

Passing judgment at the time, Mr Justice Wilkie said: ‘In my judgment, these offenders would remain, even after a lengthy term of imprisonment, of such a significant risk that the public could not be adequately protected by their being managed on license in the community, subject to conditions, by reference to a preordained release date. ‘

But this sentence was quashed at the Court of Appeal in Apriland he was given a determinate 16 – year jail term instead, meaning he would be automatically released after eight years.

Jack Merritt, from Cottenham, has been named as a victim of yesterday’s London Bridge terror attack

It has been speculated that the attack may have been revenge for the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Yesterday’s attack coincided with a similar rampage in Holland which saw three children stabbed on a shopping street in The Hague early yesterday evening, Dutch police said.

And in Paris, the Gare Du Nord train station was briefly evacuated after an alleged explosive device was found in an unattended bag.

Unverified pictures show the device, which resembles a mortar shell, inside an old duffel bag in France. However, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick insisted Khan acted alone.

Judges including Lord Justice Leveson said at the time when reversing the original sentence against Khan that the Parole Board was best placed to decide when he would be safe to be released from jail.

But today the Parole Board has released a statement saying that Khan was released automatically and they did not make the decision.

In the letter, obtained by ITV News, Khan asked his lawyer during his time in prison to be enrolled in a program of deradicalization to ‘prove to the authorities’ that he was no longer ‘immature’.

He said he wanted to ‘learn Islam and its teachings’ through a course run by the Home Office , and ‘live my life as a good Muslim’.

His lawyer Vajahat Sharif told the Guardian: ‘He requested intervention by a deradicaliser when he was in prison. The only option was the probation service and they cannot deal with these offenders. He asked me on the phone to get assistance from a specific deradicaliser.

‘He asked (me) once or twice before he was released in 2018. Probation do a good job with conventional offenders but they can’t deal with ideological offenders. ‘

At the time of yesterday’s attack, Khan had been attending a conference on rehabilitation hosted by Cambridge University at Fishmonger’s Hall.

Prior to the attack, the 28 – year-old had shown ‘no cause for concern’, a source with knowledge of the rehabilitation program said.

It has also emerged today that he was a student and ‘personal friend’ of hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Khan spent years preaching on stalls that were linked to al-Muhajiroun, the banned terror group once led by Choudary.

As part of the plotting which led to his 2012 arrest, Khan’s group planned to set up a training camp in Kashmir , where his family had land.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that it was a ‘mistake’ to release Khan from prison and has vowed to crack down on early releases for inmates. The PM visited the scene of the attack today with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, and Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Khan was released on license in December 2018 and was still wearing a monitoring tag at the time of yesterday’s attack, which he carried out while wearing a fake suicide vest.

Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu confirmed that a man and a woman were killed in the attack which saw Khan stab up to five people before being shot dead by armed police as hundreds of commuters fled in terror.

Jack was the course co-ordinator for Learning Together, the education scheme run by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology where Uzman Khan had been yesterday afternoon

Usman Khan, shot dead, lies on the ground as a police photographer records the scene at London Bridge after he killed two people

Khan, circled third from the right, had been arrested along with his Al Qaeda cell, pictured, after they were planning a pre-Christmas terror campaign in 2010. Officers had tracked the group, who included from left, Mohibur Raham, Gurukanth Desai, Abdul Miah, Usman Khan, Mohammed Chowdhury and Mohammed Shahjahan in Roath Park in November 2010

The Learning Together Network is a prison-based education initiative with the emphasis on ‘being, belonging, becoming’. Khan was attending the event

Anti-terror police have raided a house in the Staffordshire area linked to the killer, believed to be a bail hostel for offenders.

Armed with two knives and wearing a fake suicide vest, Khan was tackled by members of the public, including ex-offenders, before he was shot dead by police on London Bridge next to the Hall.

Video footage posted online shows Khan being taken to the ground as one man sprays him with a fire extinguisher and another , reportedly a Polish man who worked at the Hall, lunges towards him with a narwhal tusk believed to have been taken from the wall inside the Hall.

It is understood that Khan started ‘lashing out’ in a downstairs room of the Hall but was grabbed by the conference-goers and bundled out of the front door as he tried to go upstairs.

Meanwhile, the Queen has sent ‘thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies to all those who have lost loved ones’ in the London Bridge attack and praised the’ brave individuals who put their own lives at risk to selflessly help and protect others’.

It comes as:

  • Members of the public bravely tackled Usman Khan, disarming him after he had stabbed multiple people
  • One hero used a fire extinguisher while another grabbed a 5ft Narwhal tusk off the wall of Fishmonger’s Hall
  • A man who tackled the attacker was revealed to be a convicted murderer out on day release, it has emerged
  • Another man was revealed to be a tour guide who stamped on Khan’s hand, forcing him to release a knife
  • Khan was a member of nine-strong Al Qaeda-inspired gang plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now called for an end to violent criminals being released early from prison

Khan (circled) was confronted by several heroic members of the public, including one who used a Narwhal tusk to try and restrain him

The Queen today praised the ‘brave individuals who put their own lives at risk to selflessly help and protect others’ during yesterday’s attack. Pictured: Luckasz pointing the tusk at the attacker

Luckasz’s colleague added: ‘Being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating. Luckasz is a hero. ‘ Luckasz is thought to have suffered from cuts but is not critically injured

Thomas Gray (left) and Stevie Hurst (right), who both work at Small Car Big City, were two of the heroes who came together to disarm the attacker

Another of those who intervened in the attack on Friday was James Ford (right) – a convicted murderer who was out on day release. One brave man, later confirmed to be a British Transport Police officer, ran across the road to tackle the knifeman

Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives at the scene of the stabbing on London Bridge, in which two people were killed yesterday

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, and Home Secretary Priti Patel (together right (joined Boris Johnson (left) at the scene today

Boris Johnson talks to Cressida Dick and police officers at London Bridge today, the day after two people were killed in a horrific terrorist attack

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and London police chief commissioner Cressida Dick visit the scene of the attack at London Bridge

The London Mayor has heaped praise on the police and other responders for their swift action in tackling yes terday’s attack

It has also emerged today that London Bridge attacker Usman Khan was a student and ‘personal friend’ of hate preacher Anjem Choudary

Khan had been attending a seminar in Fishmongers’ Hall run by Cambridge University’s Criminology Department to help offenders reintegrate into society following their release from jail.

He had threatened to blow up the building at the start of the five-minute rampage which ended in his death on London Bridge. The police operation was reactive and not believed to be intelligence-led.

As well as the two deaths, three others – a man and two women – are being treated in hospital. Khan is believed to have had a gun in his bag.

Hero kitchen worker called Luckasz grabbed a narwhal tusk off the wall at Fishmongers’ Hall and used it to tackle London Bridge terrorist

The hero who grabbed a narwhal tusk to fight off the London Bridge attacker has been identified as a kitchen worker at Fishmongers’ Hall.

The tusk can be seen in dramatic footage from London Bridge, in which a group of at least six men are seen disarming knifeman Usman Khan, 28, who wore a fake suicide vest.

The kitchen worker, identified as Luckasz, tried to pin Khan down using what was reported to be a narwhal tusk as the attacker stabbed his hand.

Luckasz’s collegue, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Times: ‘Luckasz grabbed a nearby pole and ran at him, getting stabbed in the hand in the process but continu ed to pin him down.

‘Being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating. Luckasz is a hero. ‘

Luckasz is thought to have suffered from cuts but is not critically injured.

Dramatic video footage showed him being tackled to the ground by at least six members of the public. One man chased the attacker with a fire extinguisher while another used a Narwhal whale tusk to restrain him.

Khan had previously been arrested on December 20, 2010, four days before he and his nine-strong Al-Qaeda-inspired gang had planned to plant a bomb in the toilets of the London Stock Exchange.

After arresting Khan’s gang, police found a handwritten list of targets which included the U.S. Embassy and the homes of London Mayor Boris Johnson, the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and two rabbis.

The gang also carried out surveillance of other possible targets including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye.

They planned to send five bombs in the post to London synagogues and the Church of Scientology headquarters, as well as spreading panic in Stoke-on-Trent by planting bombs in pub and club toilets.

Their plot was foiled after the security services bugged their homes and cars and heard discussions of a ‘Mumbai’ atrocity on the streets of Britain, mirroring the guerrilla-style 2008 attack in India.

Khan, then aged 20, was secretly recorded talking about plans to recruit UK radicals to attend a training camp in Kashmir.

He said there were only three possible outcomes for him and his fellow jihadists: victory, martyrdom or prison.

Khan’s then home in Persia Walk, Stoke-on-Trent, was bugged as he discussed plans for the firearms training camp, which was to be disguised as a legitimate madrassa, an Islamic religious school, the court heard.

Discussing terrorist fundraising, he said in Britain he could earn in a day what people in Kashmir are paid in a month.

He went on: ‘On jobseeker’s allowance we can earn that, never mind working for that.’

Khan said he could only see three results: ‘There’s victory, what we hope for, there’s shahada (death as martyrs), or there’s prison.’

The group was also linked to Anjem Choudary by a mobile phone seized from an address of one of the plotters, which contained material relating to protests by the banned Al-Muhajiroun group the hate preacher founded.

Sabah Ahmedi (left) and Mansoor Clarke (right) from The Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden , South London lay flowers and pay respects at London Bridge this morning

Flowers left at London Bridge this morning following yesterday’s horrific attack which left two people dead and several injured

Crime scene tape remains on the scene, with vehicles laying abandoned on the bridge following yesterday’s horrific attack

Police officers are still on London Bridge, as Scotland Yard revealed the name of the terrorist and raids were carried out at his home in Staffordshire

A block of flats in Stafford, Staffordshire, is being searched by specialist police teams this morning, in connection with the terror attack on London Bridge yesterday

St affordshire police officers stand guard at a property in Stafford where it is believed London Terrorist, Usman Khan, lived before his attack

Khan’s previous home in Persia Walk, Stoke-on-Trent, was bugged by police which led to his arrest for terrorism back in 2012

During a late-night meeting on December 4 2010, Khan contrasted the action he was planning in support of jihad with the passive approach of Choudary.

‘Brothers like Anjem,

Choudary was jailed after pledging allegiance to ISIS following a decades-long cat and mouse game with the authorities .

Boris Johnson vows to crack down on early release for violent offenders after London Bridge terror attack

Boris Johnsonsays it was a ‘mistake’ to release theLondonBridge terrorist from prison as yesterday’s knife rampage turns political.

The Prime Minister, who has vowed to be tougher on violentcrimein the Conservative manifesto, said he has ‘long argued’ it is a mist *** to let prisoners out of jail early.

He said yesterday before chairing a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra: ‘It is a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists. ‘

Johnson had vowed to end automatic halfway release from prison for serious crimes as an election promise.

He said in the manifesto: ‘ We need a fair justice syst em – one that stands for the law-abiding majority, not the criminal minority, and that gives a second chance to those who have served their time and wish to make a fresh start. ‘

The Choudary- led extremist group al-Muhajiroun was outlawed by the Government following the 2005 7/7 attacks on London but it has continued to operate under a number of different images.

He helped radicalise some of Britain’s most notorious terrorists, includ ing London Bridge terror attacker ringleader Khuram Butt, and Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London.

Chaudary’s al -Muhajiroun group often targeted mixed-up or vulnerable young men.

When first sentenced, yesterday’s attacker Khan was handed an Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) with a minimum term of eight years by Mr Justice Wilkie in February 2012.

This was overturned by the Court of Appeal in April 2013, when the indeterminate sentence was quashed. Instead, he was handed 16 years in jail with an extended license period of five years.

At the time he was jailed, Khan had spent 408 days on remand and this was taken into account when considering his release date.

He was eligible for release after serving half of his 16 – year jail term, less the time he had already spent on remand.

Khan was obliged to adhere to the notification provisions of the 2008 Counter Terrorism Act for a total of 30 years.

He was released from prison after agreeing to wear an electronic tag and be monitored by authorities.

The Parole Board was tasked with judging whether Khan was safe to release but has now said it had no involvement in freeing him from prison.

In a statement, it said: ‘We have every sympathy with those affected by the dreadful events that happened in London Bridge yesterday.

‘Given the seriousness of this attack, it is understandable that there is speculation about the attacker’s release from prison.

The area where the attack took place is still cordoned off, with a blue forensic tent and several forensic officers on the scene

Forensic officers work at the scene of the stabbing on London Bridge, in which two people were killed, carrying a bag of evidence

A postman who walked past the police raid said ‘I saw lots of police turn up and go in the back entrance at about 5. 30 PM ‘

Staffordshire police are passing all enquiries to the Met Police after raiding the terrorist’s home in Staffordshire this morning

Khan, pictured surrounded by police yesterday, had been convicted in 2012 of plotting a Mumbai-style terror attack as well as planning to kill the then Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Khan was subject to a curfew and was wearing an electronic tag following his release from prison on license in December 2018

‘The Parole Board can confirm it had no involvement with the release of the individual identified as the attacker, who appears to have been released automatically on license (as required by law) , without ever being referred to the Board. ‘

Passing sentence, the judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, said this was a ‘serious, long-term venture in terrorism’ that could also have resulted in atrocities

He said: ‘It was envisaged by them all that ultimately they and the other recruits may return to the UK as trained and experienced terrorists available to perform terrorist attacks in this country, on one possibility contemplated in the context of the return of British troops from Afghanistan. ‘

He added that Khan and two others appeared to be the more ‘serious jihadists’ of the group.

Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC, opening the Crown’s case at the start of a three-day sentencing hearing on February 6, 2012, said: ‘These defendants had in overview decided that ultimately they would be responsible for very serious acts of terrorism.

‘What was observed during the indictment period was planni ng for the immediate future, not involving suicide attacks, so that there would be a long-term future which would include further acts of terrorism. ‘

Speaking before chairing a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra on Friday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had ‘long argued’ that it is a ‘mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists, that I think the public will want to see ‘.

Chris Phillips, a former head of the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office, said today: ‘The criminal justice system needs to look at itself.

‘We’re letting people out of prison, we’re convicting people for very, very serious offences and then they are releasing them back into society when they are still radicalised.

‘So how on Earth can we ever ask our police services and our security services to keep us safe?

‘I’ve said it a few times today, we’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, letting convicted, known, radicalised Jihadi criminals walk about our streets.’

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Security minister Brandon Lewis refused to say whether the attack showed a ‘failure’ by authorities, and repeatedly refused to comment on the specifics of the incident, but said that more assessment was needed of the sentences given to violent criminals.

He sa id: ‘I think it is right that we do have to look again at the sentences, as I say, around these violent crimes.

Let us know

Do you know any of the heroes who confronted the London Bridge attacker? Let us know: [email protected] or 02036150773

‘The Prime Minister has argued that , has made that point previously and made it very clearly last night.

‘We will want to move very swiftly because our first priority is the safety of people around the country. ‘

Residents living near a flat in Stafford believed to have been occupied by the London Bridge attacker spoke of their shock as a police search continued at the property – and told how he was seen walking alone in the area.

Retired police officer Justin Lightfoot, who lives in a nearby street, said he instantly recognized Khan when a friend showed him a mugshot of the 28 – year-old in a media report on Saturday morning.

Mr Lightfoot, who runs a gardening business, said he had never seen Khan, who was wearing Western clothing, carrying anything or walking with anyone else.

He said: ‘The only thing I’ve seen is him just walking past my house.

‘I’ve seen his picture this morning online and when I saw that obviously I recognizedised him. A friend showed me the picture and as soon as I saw it, I recognised him straight away.

A plain clothes police officer can be seen holding a knife on London Bridge during the incident, which left two people dead and several injured

‘It’s just frightening when somebody lives so close to you – you don’t know what’s going on so near to your home.’

Mr Lightfoot added: ‘I’ve seen him for probably the last three or four weeks. Whether he was there longer or not I don’t know.

‘When I came home from work last night I saw the police here between half four and five o’clock. There was a couple of police cars, a police car across the road.

‘I had this feeling it might be something to do with that (the London Bridge attack) and then when I heard it on the radio last night and it said Staffordshire and then Stafford … it’s just frightening. ‘

London Bridge terror attack was revenge attack over the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, claim experts after rampage coincided with attacks in Holland and France

The terrorist who yesterday stabbed two people to death onLondonBridge may have been acting in revenge over the death ofISISleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Usman Khan, 28, who was shot to death by police yesterday for his terrorist attack, was previously convicted of a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2012.

He was known to security chiefs and checks were underway to find if he had any associates. It is believed that he was one of 20, 000 UK jihadi suspects known to police and MI5.

Colonel Richard Kemp, ex-COBRA security committee chief, told theSun: ‘If he turns out to be an Islamic terrorist, he was likely inspired by Islamic State.

‘It is even possible his action was in revenge for al-Baghdadi’s death. It’s something ISIS has called for since the US Delta Force raid in Syria. ‘

Al-Baghdadi died after blowing himself up with a suicide vest during a US raid of the Syrian camp he was being held at on October 26 this year.

Yesterday’s attack coincided with a similar rampage in Holland which saw three children stabbed on a shopping street in The Hague early yesterday evening, Dutch police said.

Other residents said they had seen police speaking to other residents of the three-story block of flats on Wolverhampton Road after officers sealed off the building.

Another resident, whose house overlooks the flats, said: ‘I’ve certainly seen police there before, but what for I’m not sure.

‘ I haven’t seen the man who lived there for at least a week or so. ‘

Meanwhile, a maintenance worker who witnessed the London Bridge knife attack claims he was told the assailant had been in prison for terrorism offences.

Jamie Bakhit, a 24 – year-old from Purley, Croydon, said he spoke to one of the men who helped wrestle the knifeman to the ground after they were taken to the Salvation Army headquarters to be interviewed by police.

He told said: ‘The guy who was on to p of him said he [the attacker] had been in prison for terrorism, apparently.

‘Some of the guys who were on top of him were ex- prisoners and they had all been in the Fishmongers’ Hall. The guy told me he was in prison with the attacker. ‘

The maintenance worker said he had just turned onto London Bridge and was heading southbound when he saw the four men tackle the attacker.

Mr Bakhit said: ‘As I got on the bridge armed police pulled in front of me. There were already four pedestrians on top of the guy on the floor. ‘One of them [pedestrians] was shouting’ shoot him in the f *** ing head ‘.

‘ I’m still in my van at this point, trying to turn around. Then the police say ‘get out of the van’, so I had to leave it there.

‘I then saw them [police] shoot him three or four times.

‘I was in shock. I wanted to get away. Everyone was shouting run because he had something across his chest. It was crazy. ‘

Around six members of the public worked to disarm the attacker after he went on a rampage outside Bank station and Fishmongers’ Hall on the north side of the bridge, killing two.

An unnamed hero, who was inside the conference hall, was said to have grabbed a five-inch narwhal tusk from the wall ‘and went to confront the terrorist.

Mr Johnson, called a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee Cobra on Friday evening and cancelled his General Election campaigning events on Saturday. The Lib Dems have also decided to temporarily suspend campaigning.

Several people were stabbed by the knifeman before he was stopped in his tracks on London Bridge, which was the scene of the bloody massacre in summer 2017 where eight people were killed and 48 seriously injured.

Scotland Yard said the incident started at nearby Fishmongers ‘Hall, and that police had’ bravely and professionally confronted the suspect ‘within five minutes of being called.

Footage on social media showed one man being urged to move away by armed officers before the suspect was shot at point- blank range, as another bystander – understood to be a plain clothes officer – could be seen carrying a large knife from the scene.

Police evacuated thousands of people from the area fearing secondary attacks, but they now believe Khan had been working on his own

Another video appeared to show a person on a stretcher, surrounded by emergency services staff and vehicles, being given CPR by responders following the attack.

The members of the public who intervened have been widely praised, with mayor of London Sadiq Khan hailing their ‘breathtaking heroism’.

Witnesses said the suspect appeared to be wearing a suicide vest but Neil Basu, the head of UK counter-terrorism policing, said the vest was a fake.

He said police were called at around 2pm on Friday to a stabbing ‘at a premises near London Bridge’.

After being shot, the suspect in Friday’s attack raised his arms towards his head before lying still. A second knife could be seen on the ground near his body.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu released an update on the ongoing investigation shortly after midnight.

He said: ‘The investigation into the attack near London Bridge continues at a pace.

‘Whilst we are still in the early stages of the investigation, at this time we are not actively seeking anyone else in relation to the attack.

‘However, we continue to make fast time enquiries to ensure that no other people were involved in this attack and that there is no outstanding threat to the public.

‘As I stated earlier, police were called at 13: 58 hrs to a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge, EC1. Emergency services attended, including officers from the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police.

‘A male suspect was shot by specialist armed officers and I can confirm that he died at the scene. ‘We are now in a position to confirm the identity of the suspect as 28 – year-old Usman Khan (10. 03. 1991), who had been residing in the Staffordshire area. As a result, officers are, tonight, carrying out searches at an address in Staffordshire.

‘This individual was known to authorities, having been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences. He was released from prison in December 2018 on license and clearly, a key line of inquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack.

‘Tragically, two people – a man and a woman – were killed during the attack. Three others – a man and two women – were also injured and remain in hospital.

‘The circumstances, as we currently understand them, are that the attacker Attended an event earlier on Friday afternoon at Fishmonger’s Hall called ‘Learning Together’. We believe that the attack began inside before he left the building and proceeded onto London Bridge, where he was detained and subsequently confronted and shot by armed officers.

‘Extensive cordons are likely to remain in place for some time and I would ask the public to continue to avoid the area.

‘ Public safety is our top priority and we are enhancing police patrols in the City and across London. ‘

The Independent Office for Police Conduct watchdog said it has launched an investigation into the police shooting of the London Bridge attacker which is standard for such incidents.

Terrifying new footage shows moment hero bystanders armed with a fire extinguisher and a NARWHAL TUSK chase knife-wielding terrorist across London Bridge before he is sprayed with jets of water and grappled to the ground

This is the moment brave bystanders armed with a fire extinguisher and Narwhal tusk confronted theLondonBridge attacker during his terrifying rampage yesterday.

Two people were killed and up to twelve were injured after Usman Khan, 28, attacked innocent people on the north side of London Bridge just before 2pm.

Video footage showed the attacker running across London Bridge wielding two kitchen knives.

Several members of the public chase Khan, before tackling him and disarming him.

One man used a fire extinguisher while another man ripped the tusk of a Narwhal whale off a wall and jabbed it in the direction of the attacker.

Members of the public were seen cornering the terrorist on London Bridge this afternoon

Thomas Gray (left) and Stevie Hurst (right), who both work at Small Car Big City, were two of the heroes who came together to disarm the attacker

Another of those who intervened in the attack on Friday was James Ford (right) – a convicted murderer who was out on day release. One brave man, later confirmed to be a British Transport Police officer, ran across the road to tackle the knifeman

The terrorist was then bundled to the ground as other people waded in, while another man hurried away with his knife.

One witness at the scene said the man carrying the tusk had taken it from Fishmongers’ Hall and ran out with it after learning of the incident.

Other heroes included a tour guide who helped disarm Khan.

Thomas Gray, 24, and a colleague had just finished lunch in Borough Market when Khan went on his rampage.

The pair, who had been driving tourists around the capital in classic Mini Coopers, had been traveling over London Bridge to pick up some more customers at a hotel when they saw the knifeman being pinned to the floor.

Mr Gray and his colleague then bravely got out of their vehicles to help, as three other men attempted to keep the attacker on the ground.

Another man who dived in to help was convicted murderer James Ford. *********************************

Let us know

Do you know any of the heroes who confronted the London Bridge attacker? Let us know: [email protected] or 02036150773

Now 42, Ford was jailed for life – with a minimum of 15 years – in April 2004 for the murder of a 21 – year-old with learning difficulties.

Amanda Champion – who had the mental age of a 15 – year-old – was found strangled and with her throat cut on waste ground near her home in Ashford, Kent, the previous July.

Yesterday, he tackled Khan and was one of the people who fought to s ave the lives of his victims.

Tour guide Stevie Hurst also helped restrain the attacker, kicking him in the head.

He said: ‘We saw a guy being accosted to the floor

‘ Everyone was just on top of him trying to bundle him to the ground. We saw that the knife was still in his hand … I just put a foot in to try and kick him in the head.

‘We were trying to do as much as we could to try and dislodge the knife from his hand so he wouldn’t harm anyone else.

‘The guys that were there were absolutely amazing. Heroes beyond belief. ‘

The attacker was thought to have had one of the two knives strapped to his arm and had also been wearing a fake explosives device, which was strapped around his waist.

Around six members of the public worked to disarm the attacker after he went on a rampage outside Bank station and Fishmongers’ Hall on the north side of the bridge, killing two. Tha man pictured took a knife from the attacker

One man pointed a Narwhal tusk at the terrorist while another sprayed the fire extinguisher at him

He was a convicted terrorist who had served time in prison and was wearing an electronic tag at the time of the attack.

The paper added he was attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation being held at Fishmongers’ Hall and ‘threatened to blow up’ the building.

Speaking to MailOnline, one witness said more shots had been fired after the terrorist was shot.

Deborah Simmons had been attending a hospital appointment with her mother and had been on the first bus on the bridge, heading towards Liverpool Street.

Deborah, who is in her 50 s said she saw the man being shot and was then ushered off the bus towards The Shard.

‘We all thought we were going to die, there were people with children running’.

She added that once her and her mother had reached the south of the bridge she heard around – 15 shots. She also said that one man had ran up to her and her mother, claiming ‘someone had a shooter’.

The Met police were unable to clarify whether or not extra shots had been fired.

The brave people who chased the terrorist pulled him down to the floor and waited for police to arrive

Police and emergency vehicles gather at Leadenhall near London Bridge as the force continued to deal with the fall out of this afternoon’s attack

Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick confirmed this evening that two stabbing victims had died and three injured people were being treated in a hospital.

After the brave bystanders tackled the man to the ground police intervened, pulling the heroes off the terrorist and getting them to safety.

The officers were then seen lining up in close range of the man, before he was shot.

The violence erupted two-and-a-half years after a van and knife attack in the same area killed eight people, and less than two weeks before Britain holds a national election.

The incident started close to London’s main financial hub where thousands of bankers and finance workers travel every day.

It started outside Grade II listed building Fishmongers’ Hall. Many buildings in the financial district were on high security this afternoon as roads were closed in the area, many workers were also stood outside their buildings as officers cordoned off the roads.

Extra police officers will be on patrol across London in the wake of the attack, while British Transport Police said there also would be more officers on the transport network including firearms officers and other specialist teams.

Armed police were seen patrolling the streets early this evening with emergency vehicles being parked up on both sides of the road

Forensic officers are seen near the site of the incident early this evening. One office seems to be holding a light up while the other takes a picture

In a show of solidarity to those who lost their lives and were caught up in the attack the main political parties temporarily suspended campaigning in London as a mark of respect.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that ‘to the best of our knowledge, the incident has been contained’ but that details were still emerging.

Johnson’s office said the prime minister would chair a meeting of the government emergency committee, COBRA, on Friday evening.

The map above shows the the journey the attacker took from the north side of London Bridge before crossing over

Two young women were seen running near Borough Market today after learning of the attack

One man used a Narwhal tusk to fight off the attacker which he had taken from Fishmongers’ Hall

Metropolitan Police counterterrorism chief Neil Basu said the suspect appeared to be wearing a bomb vest but it turned out to be ‘a hoax explosive device.’

Basu said officers were keeping ‘an open mind as to any motive.’

‘A number of other people received injuries during this incident. As soon as we can provide further updates on their condition, we will, ‘he told the press conference.

‘ Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody who has been involved in this and is anxiously waiting for information on their loved ones.

‘As soon as we can get that information, we will get it to you. ‘

A large police cordon remains in place around the north side of London Bridge following the knife attack.

Pedestrian and vehicle access along Upper Thames Street, which runs underneath part of the bridge, is blocked by police at its junction with Swan Lane through to Lower Thames Street at its junction with Fish Hill Street.

The pedestrian cordon extends north-east to Fenchurch Street, at its junction with Philpot Lane, and north to Gracechurch Street, at its junction with Bell Inn Yard .

On the northwest side on the bridge, the pedestrian cordon extends to Cannon Street at its jun ction with Bush Lane. Monument Station, which is within the cordon, remains closed.

Convicted murderer who helped pin down tackle London Bridge terrorist was at academic event on day release from prison for killing 21 – year-old woman with learning difficulties by slitting her throat

A convicted mu rderer on day release who helped pin down the London Bridge terrorist slit the throat of a 21 – year-old woman with learning difficulties.

It is believed James Ford rushed to the scene and tried to save the life of a woman victim of the terrorist.

Now 42, Ford was jailed for life – with a minimum of 15 years – in April 2004 for the murder of a 21 – year -old with learning difficulties.

Amanda Champion – who had the mental age of a 15 – year-old – was found strangled and with her throat cut on waste ground near her home in Ashford, Kent, the previous July.

Left: One of the members of the public involved in yesterday’s London Bridge attack was a convicted murderer out on day release, James Ford. Right: Amanda Champion – who had the mental age of a 15 – year-old – was found strangled and with her throat cut in Kent

Police had no leads in the case until a Samaritans worker broke the organization’s strict confidentiality policy and revealed that Ford, a factory worker and amateur wrestler, had called and confessed: ‘ I’ve killed a girl. ‘

In the month after murdering Amanda, Ford phoned the charity line 45 times, telling staff he was feeling suicidal. After he admitted hiscrime, the Samaritans worker – who was later forced out of his job – decided to go to police.

Amanda’s family had tried to block Ford’s parole, and only found out he had been released from his sentence in a call from their police liaison officer today.

Whitehall sources confirmed that Ford – who had been serving the final days of his sentence at HMP Standford Hill, an open prison in Kent – was on London Bridge yesterday.

Video filmed at the scene shows at least four people struggling with a man at London Bridge

Amanda’s aunt Angela Cox, 65, was left shocked and angry after the phone call from

Despite Ford’s part in disarming the knifeman, she said: ‘He is not a hero. He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn’t know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not.

‘The police liaison officer called me saying he was on the TV. I am so angry. They let him out without even telling us. Any of my family could have been in London and just bumped into him.

‘It was a hell of a shock. It is a horrible thing. She said, ‘Have you heard about the incident in London today?’ and I hadn’t. She said, ‘Put in on now and you will see James Ford on the telly.’

‘She said,’ Don’t worry, it is not him that’s done anything, he’s there and he is being classed as a hero. ‘ For him to be called a hero – he is not, he is a cold-blooded murderer. For no reason whatsoever, he just went out and murdered a disabled person. I don’t care what he’s done today, he’s a murderer. He is scum. Amanda was my niece and she was vulnerable and he took her life. He knew what he was doing. People don’t change. ‘

Ford has never revealed his motive for killing Amanda.

A judge told him: ‘What you did was an act of wickedness.

‘ You clearly have an interest in the macabre and also an obsession with death including murder by throat cutting.

‘Amanda happened to be walking through that area of ​​woodland at the wrong time. You grabbed hold of her, strangled her and cut her throat, causing her to suffer a terrible and lonely death. ‘

A Kent Police spokesman said at the time: ‘James Ford is a very dangerous man.’

Last night the Ministry of Justice declined to comment.

‘My friend died in my arms’: Inside the academic day out that turned to tragedy when terrorist stabbed two people to death in rampage at rehabilitation conference called Learning Together

LondonBridge attacker Usman Khan attended a workshop on storytelling and creative writing moments before he began his attack.

Fishmongers’ Hall hosted a conference on prisoner rehabilitation run by academics at the University of Cambridge’s criminology institute.

Former prisoner Usman Khan was invited to the ‘Learning Together’ fifth anniversary event on the north side of London Bridge which included other former inmates and prison staff.

Academics and criminal justice campaigners tweeted about the day at the grade II listed building and a photograph was posted online of the gathering.

The photograph posted online during the Cambridge University prisoner rehabilitation group at Fishmongers’ Hall yesterday

The 28 – year-old attacker is understood to have been invited to share his experience of prison and wore black clothing and sand-colored boots, according toThe Times.

Armed police take aim at terrorist Usman Khan on London Bridge

A witness named Coralie said around 100 guests and 50 staff were in attendance.

Khan returned to the hall via the grand staircase after the morning session where he later threatened to blow up the hall, a member of staff said.

The alumni celebration was torn apart when attackers reportedly burst into the hall through the kitchen, according toThe Telegraph.

Khan went on his killing spree brandishing two large kitchen knives, leaving a woman seriously injured by the entrance.

A witness described seeing ‘two, three people stabbed’ inside the hall. One had a ‘minor injury’ while the other two were ‘proper bleeding’.

Several people were stabbed as they tried to fight the attacker but a man and woman were killed in the attack.

Coralie said the men broke through the doors ‘very close to 2 o’clock’. She said she only saw one attacker but believes there were three.

A colleague of Coralie, named only as Luckasz, was stabbed ‘trying to fight with the three aggressors’.

Coralie recalled how one woman ran towards her after she was stabbed in the arm as the hall descended into panic.

She said she ‘heard about seven gunshots’ during the evacuation which came from outside the building.

A friend of kitchen worker Luckasz, Jordan, who works as a chef in the hall, said: ‘A mate in the kitchen tells me the man gunned down gained access and attacked a few workers with a knife. ‘

He described how Luckasz took on one of the attackers and is in a stable condition after being stabbed in the hand.

Jordan tweeted: ‘A good lifelong friend Luckasz was stabbed. Luckasz took on the attacker, being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating from what I’m told. ‘

Attendees at the conference were led out of the hall by police, some with blood on their clothes.

As they were escorted out by officers they were told to ‘look up’ and ‘specifically told not to look down’, a member of staff told The Times.

‘Some did and saw the woman’s body [by the door]’.

The survivors were taken by police to the Salvation Army international headquarters to be interviewed.

Metropolitan Police tweeted this morning: ‘Detectives investigating the attack near London Bridge are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward ‘

One told how his friend has been killed in the attack and said: ‘My friend died in my arms. I just want him back. ‘

Metropolitan Police tweeted this morning: ‘Detectives investigating the attack near London Bridge are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

‘In particular, officers would like to speak to anyone who was at Fishmongers’ Hall yesterday.’

Prison reform activist and poet Bryonn Bain attended the conference and led a conference on criminal justice

He tweeted that he had been evacuated to a survivors center and added: ‘I’m ok. Be grateful for every day. ‘

The five minutes of terror that started at Fishmongers’ Hall at 13 : 58 pm on the north side of London Bridge

Professor Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, said he was ‘devastated’ that an event organized by its Institute of *** criminology was targeted in the attack.

He said: ‘I am devastated to learn that yesterday’s hateful attack on London Bridge may have been targeted at staff, students and alumni attending an event organized by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology.

‘We are in touch with the Metropolitan Police, and awaiting further details of

‘We mourn the dead and we hope for a speedy recovery for the injured. Our thoughts are with all their families and friends. ‘

It is not yet known if the victims were also attending the event.

Learning Together was set up in 2014 by University of Cambridge academics Ruth Armstrong and Amy Ludlow from the Faculty of Law and Institute of Criminology.

A University of Cambridge spokesman said: ‘We are gravely concerned at reports that University of Cambridge staff, students and alumni were caught up in the incident at London

‘We are urgently seeking clarification and further details. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by these terrible events. ‘

Coracle Inside, a secure digital channel for education providers to access the prison estate , tweeted: ‘Thinking of Learning Together at Fishmongers Hall today and hoping everyone is safe.’

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