Wednesday , October 28 2020

I reverse-engineered Instagram to find the real first post, Hacker News

I had a thought once: “How does Instagram associate URLs to the posts?” Turns out, that they all start with (for post), followed by a series of alphanumeric characters.

But what happens if after “/ p /” you put A, B, C and so on? It appears that you can find the first 28 posts of the social network. I was in luck: I’ve discovered the information that nobody in the world had –what the first post on Instagramreallywas.

The thing is, when the Time magazine asked Instagram’s founder Kevin Systrom, what photo was the first to be published , he recollectedhis post with a dog. Later on all the journalists and evenWikipediareferred back to this interview.

But Kevin’s memory let him down. Digging through the code of the first (in alphabetical order) posts, I found GMT timestamps – precise to the second.

Thanks to them, I found out thatthe real first poston Instagram was a picture of aSouth Beach Harbor yachts by the Pier 106, which Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram) published.

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