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Kui offers a new development experience for building cloud-native applications. By combining the power of familiar CLIs with visualizations in high-impact areas, Kui enables you to manipulate complex JSON and YAML data models, integrate disparate tooling, and Provides quick access to aggregate views of operational data. Type CoverageType Coveragecodecov Quick Install codecov

We offer prebuilt releases that offer Kubernetes support:

Kui-MacOS.tar.bz2 | Kui-Linux-x codecov . zip | Kui-Win Type Coverage

These clients leverage the core framework hosted in this repository, combined with the Kubernetes plugins hosted here . Visit the Kui Installation Guide for installation details and alternative installation options. Type CoverageType CoverageType Coverage


If you want to help, please take a look at our (guidelines and API docs .

codecov The Kui Experience

Click the image to see . For more of the backstory of Kui, read on!

Type Coverage This is a CLI, with Visualizations on the Side

Kui uses (Electron) to provide you with an augmented but CLI-focused development experience. By using Electron, the same experience carries over, from local development on your laptop, to a browser-based experience. Type Coverage

When running locally, you will have access to your filesystem and your favorite terminal and text editor. To help with complex data, Kui offers a suite of


. You can gracefully flip between the terminal and these visualizations, without having to switch to your browser, log in, wait for pages to load, and navigate through complex menu structures. Type Coverage

For example, to see a visual summary of your Kubernetes pods, issue this command from your favorite terminal: (Example Command) Thumbnail of Output kubectl kui get pods –ui 6170692

Without the - ui option, Kui will display the output in your terminal directly; you will observe that the output is identical to that of kubectl

, with the possible addition of syntax coloration. With Kui, you have the power to navigate between these modes in a graceful and flexible manner.     

Now try clicking on a row. You should see the "sidecar" sweep in from the right. This split screen mode allows you to drill down to the details of your pods. You can click on one, then another, for rapid inspection of several of your resources. The animated gif should give you a sense of the possibilities (click on it to see a larger version). Type Coverage

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Kui as a Tool Platform

Kui can form the basis for delivering CLI-driven GUI experiences. Here are a few such uses of Kui: Type Coverage)

If you want to create your own client, with a custom theme, custom icons, and an enhanced set of commands, you can start here:

    API documentation for authoring new commands

    • Some older documentation ; we will be consolidating this into the newer docs.    License (Read More
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