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Jaden Moodie: 14-year-old stabbed nine times and left to die, court hears – The Guardian, Google News

Ayoub Majdouline, 19, denies murdering teenager, who was stabbed to death in January

Jaden Moodie

Jaden Moodie was riding a moped in January 2019 when he was set upon and fatally wounded. Photograph: Metropolitan Police / PA

A 14 -year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed and left to die in the street after an attack by a drug gang, a jury has heard.

Jaden Moodie was riding a moped in January 2019 when he was set upon and fatally wounded after suffering nine stab wounds.

Ayoub Majdouline, 19 , denies the murder on 8 January this year in London and denies carrying a knife.

A jury at the Old Bailey heard Oliver Glasgow QC open the prosecution and say Majdouline and four accomplices staged the attack and were driving a stolen black Mercedes car.

The defendant is alleged to have armed himself with a knife, as had others in the car. They were from a rival gang to the one Moodie was connected to and dealt drugs for, the court heard.

Glasgow told the jury: “On finding Jaden Moodie, the Mercedes drove straight towards the moped, swerving into the same side of the road so that it struck Jaden Moodie head on.”

He said Moodie went headfirst on to the car and his helmet flew off.

Glasgow told the court those inside the car, including Majdouline, rushed out: “Both the defendant and his accomplice had their hands and faces covered and each of them was carrying a knife.”

Majdouline was wearing rubber yellow gloves as the attack unfolded, the court was told. Glasgow said: “The rear seat passenger reached Jaden Moodie first and immediately began to stab and kick him. When the defendant caught up, only a few seconds later, he too stabbed Jaden Moodie several times with a large knife. ”

More people then joined the attack, the jury heard.

Glasgow said nearby CCTV caught the attack and revealed that Majdouline and his accomplices were “young men who have no qualms about carrying and using deadly weapons to kill, young men who have no qualms about attacking their victim on a public street, and young men who have no qualms about playing out their petty rivalries using the blade of a knife ”.

Glasgow said the attack was rapid: “Jaden Moodie had been stabbed nine times… The damage was catastrophic and Jaden Moodie slowly bled to death in the road.”

The jury was told one stab wound created a “groove” in the teenagers ’bone and that his lung and liver was punctured.

The jury also heard that forensic evidence tied Majdouline to the murder and that yellow rubber gloves were recovered containing DNA from Moodie and Majdouline, his alleged attacker.

Glasgow said: “There is nothing that this defendant can say to excuse the murderous attack upon Jaden Moodie. His attackers chose to go out in search for him, at least three of them were armed, all of them had covered their faces. ”

He said: “This defendant was part of an armed group that went looking for a rival and, once they found him, the group chased down their target, the group produced their weapons and the group butchered him. ”

The trial continues.

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