Tuesday , October 27 2020

Jason Derulo Says He Was Only Semi-Aroused in Deleted IG Post – TMZ, Tmz.com


                          Jason Derulo                          I Was Only Semi-Aroused on IG …                          AND Fresh Out the Pool !!!                      


                                 12 / 5 / 2019 12: 50 AM PT                   














Jason Derulosays he’s a victim of a social media double standard – and he informed us about this while totally gloating about the size of his junk. Well played, JD.


We ran into the singer Wednesday hours after Instagram deleted his famous underwear pic by a pool in Bali – the very definition of living large. IG’s explanation was that Jason was showing off “aroused genitalia” with the giant bulge in his briefs.


Jason’s throwing cold water on that theory though … telling he wasn’t all THAT arousedin the photo, calling it more of a “semi” sitch. He says basic knowledge of the male anatomy supports his claim. Buckle up for Prof. Derulo’s lesson, class.



Now, as for any potential shrinkage – he was emerging from a pool, after all – Jason admits that was NOT an issue.


Yeah, as they say in ancient Rome … res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself.


Watch the clip … there is a serious point Jason wants to get across – he believesIG is discriminatingagainst his natural blessings. He’s demanding equality, and he’s ready to chat with Facebook and Instagram about it.    

We wouldn’t suggest a poolside meeting. Unless …


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