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Jeff Bezos Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to the Seattle Seahawks, Crypto Coins News

  • Jeff Bezos appears to be interested in purchasing an NFL team should one come up for sale.
  • The Seahawks are likely to come on the market , making for a great fit with Bezos ‘strong ties to Seattle.
  • Bezos’ leadership style and strong presence in Seattle could be a boon for the team in the coming decade.

Rumors are flying that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezoswants to buy an NFL team. During the Super Bowl last February, Bezos was seen enjoying the view from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s suite. He’s also been spotted spending time with other team owners, which has further spurred on speculation. Asthe richest man in the world, Bezos could afford to pay cash for any team in the league but unfortunately none of them are currently up for sale.

Speculation linking Bezos to the Seahawks is alive and well. | Source: Twitter

However, many expect the Seattle Seahawks to eventually go up for sale after the team’s owner Paul Allen died last year. There’s also a chance that the Denver Broncos could come on the market, but the Seahawks would make perfect sense for Bezos, and he’d likely be an asset to the franchise as well.

Jeff Bezos Would Be a Great Owner

While the Seahawks did win a Super Bowl in 2014, the team’s track record is still nowhere near some of theleague’s greatest franchises– the Patriots, Steelers, 49 ers and Cowboys. One thing all four of those superpowers have in common is a great owner. An NFL team’s owner plays a huge role in how successful they’ll be in the long-term, and Bezos could be a Hail-Mary that takes the Seahawks to the top of the league over then next decade.

Robert Kraft’s superior ownership style would likely be similar to Bezos’. | Image: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots owner Robert Kraft isoften hailed as one of the best NFL team ownersin history. That’s because he’s present without being overbearing. Kraft hired Bill Belichick as his head coach and he leaves Belichick to make all of the football-related decisions.

Jeff Bezos would likely run the Seahawks the same way. When he bought the Washington Post, heappointed Fred Ryanas publisher and CEO and deferred to executive editor Martin Baron when it came to content decisions.He’s been describedas a “hands-off owner” because of his lack of involvement in the paper’s day-to-day operations. However, on the business side, it was Bezos whohad a vision for the paper’s future.

Bezos’ Seattle Base

Another big reason Bezos and the Seahawks merry well together is the team’s Seattle location. Bezoslives outside the cityin Medina and Amazon’s headquarters are located there as well. While Bezos is certainly capable of running a team from afar, it makes a difference that he lives in the community.

Jeff Bezos’ Seattle home makes the Seahawks a perfect fit. | Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP

Amazon already plays a huge role in Seattle, not only by offering job opportunities, but withcommunity outreach programs. If Bezos were to take over the Seahawks, a community tie would be a great way to increase locals ’connection to the team. While winning a Super Bowl or two certainly helps to fill stadium seats, all the NFL greats have had their building years. Having fans that feel the team is a part of the community goes a long way in keeping fans loyal and Bezos has already started to build that bond through Amazon’s andhis own personal effortsto improve Seattle.

Of course, at this point Bezos’ intent to buy any NFL team is merely speculation. However if the Seahawks do become available, Bezos would make for a great owner.

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