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Jeremy Corbyn alienates Labor supporters in shock u-turn over alleged flagship promise – Express,

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, inside sources told the paper of the leadership’s complete u-turn on what had once been one of its flagship promises. Instead the language of the manifesto now focuses on making “substantial progress” towards reaching net-zero emissions by the end of the decade. This would appear to be the second revision of the party’s policies after last week saw the pledge watered down in a draft of the manifesto, with a 10 -year target seen as being too unrealistic to achieve.

Now under increasing pressure from trade unions, the pledge saw another change on Saturday .

According to sources at the “Clause V event” summit of Senior Labor and union officials, general secretary of GMB Tim Roache, demanded that the manifesto change its wording from “overwhelming progress” to “substantial”.

Mr Roache is also said to have found issue with Labor’s pledge to make every UK home energy efficient by 2030, pointing to an overwhelming reliance on gas.

One insider said: “Tim said 26 million houses use gas boilers and changing those in the time that is left, by 2030 … I don’t think there are enough gas fitters in the world to achieve that. He said they needed to be careful with the wording. ”

Corbyn has walked back on promises to commit to a carbon neutral deadline

Corbyn has walked back on promises to commit to a carbon neutral deadline(Image: GETTY)

The party downgraded the wording on the pledge for a second time in a week(Image: GETTY)

The capitulation by party leadership is likely alienate grassroots support within the party, as they passed a motion recently that committed Labor to the most ambitious environmental targets in Europe.

The news comes as Mr Corbyn has promised a Labor Par ty government would introduce free dental check-ups for everyone in England.

A policy that is estimated to cost the tax payer £ 450 million, according to the times, it would make check-ups, X-rays X-rays and a scale and polish free at the point of use.

A Labor government would also pay for corrections to fillings, dentures and braces, and some forms of preventative care such as plastic sealants or fluoride therapy to prevent tooth decay from forming, the report added.

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The move will likely alienate grass roots support

The move will likely alienate grass roots support(Image: GETTY)

These types of treatments are classed as ‘Band 1’. They cost patients £ 22. 50 and contribute £ 270 million a year in NHS charges.

The Labor leader said: “If you don’t go to the dentist for check-ups, you end up storing up problems in the long term.

“Over 100, 000 are admitted to hospital every year because of problems with their teeth. This is the first step towards making all dentistry services free of charge – part of our ambition to deliver free dentistry as part of a truly universally free health service. ”

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The Labor leader has also promised free dental check ups(Image: GETTY)

The party has also promised supporters it would also pay for corrections to fillings, dentures and braces

The party has also promised supporters it would also pay for corrections to fillings, dentures and b(Image: GETTY)

But voters have hit out at the plans, as they say the move to implement free dental check-ups would not be free as they would just be funded

Commenting on social media, many vented their anger at a policy that some believed is ludicrous and accused Mr Corbyn of trying to win votes with false promises.

One person said: “There is a very old saying ‘there is no such thing as a free dinner’.

“Everyone, rich and poor alike will pay for Corbyn’s madcap schemes, unfortunately, the poor will suffer the consequences of his ‘free’ generosity much more than the rich!”

Another said: “It’s not free, just something else the taxpayer has to fund.”

One described it simply as “poppycock”.

Another added: “He will promise anything and everything to get votes ! His promises would bankrupt the country! Getting our homeless, especially veterans, off the streets is more important! “

Others questioned the demand on the number of dentists to make this policy a reality.

Some voters have hit out at the proposed planSome voters have hit out at the proposed plan(Image : GETTY)

“And just where are all these dentists who will give ‘free’ treatment.”, One person wrote.

They added: “There is a dire shortage of dentists and none are taking on new patients in this area alone.

“So much for preventative dental care and especially looking after children’s teeth; when unless it is an emergency and then you can travel miles – you cant get treatment at all!”

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