jhen0409 / rn-webrtc-arkit-integration, Hacker News

jhen0409 / rn-webrtc-arkit-integration, Hacker News


          Capturing ARKit scene (Like `react-native-arkit`) into WebRTC video stream            


JavaScript )              Objective-C              HTML              Ruby              Shell                     




      Clone or download     




              Clone with HTTPS               



              Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.             







Type          Name

         Latest commit message

         Commit time       

         Failed to load latest commit information.                    

                       . github / workflows                                                       Merge all workspaces to packages /                                                 (Feb) ,                                 

                        packages                                                       (d) (e) (d) (b) eb4 “title=” [react-native-webrtc-ar-session] Update README “> [react-native-webrtc-ar-session] Update README                                                 (Feb


                        (patches)                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                 

                        scripts                                                       (Setup lerna)                                                 (Feb) ,

                                                         eslintignore (.                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                          eslintrc .js                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                          . gitattributes                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                          .gitignore                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                          .prettierrc                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                                                                       (Initial commit)                                                 (Feb) ,                                                                                                       (Update                                                 (Feb) ,                                                          lerna.json                                                       (Setup lerna)                                                 (Feb) ,

                                                         package.json                                                       (Setup lerna)                                                 (Feb) ,

                                                         yarn.lock                                                       (Setup lerna)                                                (Feb) ,                          

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