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Jimmy Carter hospitalized; former president in hospital to relieve pressure on brain from recent falls – live updates – CBS News, CBS News








Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized                       





Former President(Jimmy Carter)was hospitalized Monday night for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding, The Carter Center said in a statement. The bleeding was caused by Mr. Bleeding Carter’s recent falls, the statement explained.

“President Carter is resting comfortably and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him, “according to thestatement. The procedure will take place Tuesday morning at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.


Statement about Jimmy Carter’s

– The Carter Center (@CarterCenter) (November) , 2019


CBS News medical contributor David Agus said that the procedure is normally quick. “Basically, they’re just drilling a small hole in the brain and draining the fluid that is causing the pressure,” Agus told CBSN. “So the procedure itself – you could be in the operating room, say, an hour.”

Carter, who is 95, has had a number of health scares in recent years . In 2015, he announced he had beendiagnosed with cancerThat had spread to his liver and brain. He stepped back from responsibility at The Carter Center, but he continuedteaching Sunday schoolclasses in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. It’s a tradition he started in his teens that has gained a wide following.

But just six months later, he was treated with a newimmunotherapy drugandmade a remarkable recovery, announcing an MRI showed no signs of cancer and heneeded no more treatment.

In Ma Y 2019, he suffered another health setback when he fell andbroke his hip. Mr. Carter suffered two more falls in October 2019, and washospitalized for a fractured pelvis.

Carter’s first October fall left him with a black eye and 14 stitches – but he nevertheless attended the opening ceremony for a Habitat for Humanity build in Nashville along with Rosalynn, who is 92. Less than two weeks after his second fall, he said he planned toreturn to teachingSunday school.

In the Sunday school service that followed,Mr. Carter told attendeeshe’s “at ease with death.”

After learning about his cancer in 2015, he said he “assumed, naturally, that I was going to die very quickly. “

“I, obviously , prayed about it.I didn’t ask God to let me live, but I just asked God to give me a proper attitude toward death.And I found that I was absolutely and completely at ease with death.It didn’t really matter to me whether I died or lived, “Mr. Carter said. “I have, since that time, been absolutely confident that my Christian faith includes complete confidence in life after death. So, I’m going to live again after I die – Don’t know what form I’ll take, or anything. “

This spring, Mr . Carter surpassed George H.W. Bush as the longest-lived U.S. president in history. The Carters recently became the longest married presidential couple, surpassing George and Barbara Bush, with more than 73 years of marriage.


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