Jordan continues calls for Ukraine whistleblower to testify: Schiff 'wasn't square with us' – Fox News, Google News

The whistleblower at the center of theTrump impeachmentinquiry should testify before Congress and reveal any political biases, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., Said on “Fox & Friends“Thursday.

Jordan, who was recently moved to the House Intelligence Committee, singled out House Intelligence Committee ChairmanAdam Schiff, D-Calif., and accused him of flip-flopping on having the whistleblower testify before theHouse.

“Adam Schiff wasn’t square with us when he said he hadn’t talked with the whistleblower,” he said. “The whistleblower had met with Schiff’s staff. So the thing I keep coming back to is – 435 members of Congress, only one knows who the whistleblower is and only one member of Congress has had their staff meet with the whistleblower. “

[Schiff’s] now had three positions.First, he said the whistleblower should testify, then he said the whistleblower shouldn’t testify – now he’s saying, ‘I don’t even know how the whistleblower is, even though my staff met with them,’ ” Jordan added. “He’s been all over the place on this whistleblower. We all want the whistleblower to hold up their right hand and testify so we can see what kind of motivations and bias they have. “


In September, Schiffthreatenedto defund the intelligence community unless the full contents of the July 25 phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky were disclosed. He later claimed he didn’t know the whistleblower’s identity despite his staff having met with the individual in private to discuss the case.

Jordan also criticized the impeachment process and called it a “sham,” saying that the first set of witnesses never spoke with the president.

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“These are their first two-star witnesses in this impeachment sham process they’ve got going and neither one had talked to the president, “he said. “Neither one had talked to Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani and chief of staff [Mick] Mulvaney. And guess what, their witness tomorrow [Friday] – she’s [Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine] never met with the president, she’s never talked with Mayor Giuliani. She’s never talked with chief of staff Mulvaney. So, this is how they start out.

“Again, the American people can see the facts are on the president’s side,” Jordan added. “They can see that this process has been unfair from the get-go.”

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