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Kanye West Holds Sunday Service After Releasing 'Jesus Is King' Album – TMZ,


                          Kanye West                          1st Sunday Service Post-‘Jesus is King’                      


                                 10 / 27 / 2019 2: 39 PM PT                   













Kanye Westis going right back to work after dropping his much-anticipated album, “Jesus Is King,” this weekend … following it up with a good old-fashioned Sunday Service.


Ye held his weekly spiritual concert Sunday the Forum in LA, where he, his choir and evenKenny Gwere in the building … performing tracks from the new record – which just dropped on Friday. From the looks of it, Kanye got things started with his Chick-fil-A song, “Closed on Sunday” … ironic, considering the Forum’s doors were very much open.


Folks had to pay $ 10 to get in for this Service, but we’re told the proceeds are being donated to charity. Not bad for a front-row seat to see Kanye and co. in action.












Speaking of that, Kenny himself took to the stage to help play out “Use This Gospel,” on which he had an epic sax solo after Clipse gets through their two verses with Ye on the hook.



BTW, the Forum looks pretty much the same in style and set design from when Kanye held hislistening party therelast week … the tall grass meant to resemble a field, etc.


The big question now … is this the official start of his global ‘Jesus’ tour, or just a victory lap to celebrate the new album? We know Ye’s gonnafollow the Sunday Service formatfor his upcoming tour, and he did say he’d get started on it “right away. “












It’s unclear … all we can recommend for folks in LA is that ya come and catch him while you can, however you can. Kanye’s definitely bound to be on the move soon.


Oh, and good news for fans of the “old Kanye” … looks like “Jesus Walks” is still in his repertoire. Not too many cuss words in that one, and it goes with his new theme. We’ll take it!


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