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Kanye West's Chick-fil-A-inspired song gets fiery response from Burger King – Fox News, Fox News

Kanye Westis never one to shy from sharing his true feelings, and neither, apparently, isBurger King.

After a 16 – month hiatus, West released his first full-length album on Friday. The “Jesus Is King” record features a track called “Closed on Sunday,” as inspired by Chick-fil-A’s famous policy of being closed on the weekend day.

The song sent Twitter users into a frenzy, and even elicited a fiery reply from BK, with a spokesperson joking that their restaurant, in comparison, is always “open on Sunday.”

After multiple delays and a promise to fans that his team would not

      After multiple delays and a promise to fans that his team would not “sleep until this album is out,” the Grammy winner’s “Jesus Is King” album finally dropped at noon on Oct. 25.       (iStock / Reuters)


After multiple delays and a promise to fans that his team would not “sleep until this album is out,” the Grammy winner’s “Jesus Is King “albumfinally dropped at noon on Oct. 25.

The gospel-rap album has been highly anticipated since West’s wifeKim Kardashiantweeted a tracklist in September , and amid his Sunday Service pop-ups, the celebrity couple previewed several last-minute listening parties in cities across the nation. The album dropped the same day an accompanying documentary hit IMAX theaters.

In “Closed on Sunday,” West sings “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A. Hold the selfies, put the ‘gram away. Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray. ”

Later, the 42 – year-old rapper croons “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A. You’re my number one, with the lemonade. “

Twitter users, meanwhile, reacted to the tune with a range of emotions. One user teased that the song had a greater cultural impact that Mozart’s last symphony, while another predicted that the track would have Chick-fil-A owners dancing with glee.


Some skeptics, however, were more critical as they voiced feelings of confusion, saying it was the song “ no one ”asked for.

Seizing the moment, Burger King soon jumped into the fray with a snarky reply of its own.

“ Open on Sundays, ”a rep for the chain wrote on Twitter.

When reached for comment, a representative for Chick-fil-A offered Fox News the following statement on West’s new song:

“We are always grateful to see excitement for the brand,” a Chick-fil-A Inc. spokesperson said on Oc T. 26 of the buzz surrounding “Closed on Sunday.”

In a larger sense, the chicken-centric chain even has a portion of its website dedicated to explaining the restaurant’s famous“Closed on Sunday”policy.

“At the end of a busy week, hours after the sun sets on Saturday evening, we turn out the lights and close our doors, ”a video explains. “For one day, our restaurants are still. Closing on Sunday is a practice established by our Founder Truett Cathy that we still hold true to today. ”


“It’s not about being closed, it’s about how we use that time,” the clip continues. “So while we’re off today, we hope you can be with your family and friends. That’s the thought behind each Sunday story – delivering recipes, activities and inspiration that might bring you a little closer together. ”

Despite losing one day of business each week, the Atlanta-headquartered chain still managed to turn quite the profit last year. According to anews release, the chain reported over $ 10 billion in revenue in 2018

Fox News’ Caleb Parke contributed to this report.

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