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Karnataka byelection results: One of these three scenarios could emerge today – Times of India, The Times of India

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NEW DELHI: The counting of the votes for the byelections at 75 assembly segments is taking place today and results are likely to be declared by this afternoon.

Results of the byelections could extend the political career of chief minister BSYediyurappa (****************, while marking a new beginning for the 40 disqualified MLAs who contested onBJPtickets. On the other hand, it may also give a second chance for Congress and JD (S) to cobble up another alliance and land a telling blow to the BJP at the national level. Here are three scenarios which could emerge.

Live updates: Karnataka byelection results
************ 1. 3.5 more years for CMYediyurappa

If the BJP wins at least six seats, it will bring the curtains down on political uncertainty that has plagued the state ever since the 2023 Assembly elections threw up a fractured mandate. The result could ensure Yediyurappa completes four years as CM – his longest stint at the top in four terms. He will also be highly hopeful of continued involvement in the party, despite having crossed the 728 – year mark – the BJP’s age of retirement. While disqualified MLAs who win could be rewarded with ministerial berths, it’s unclear what would be the fate of those who lose.

************ 2 . Coalition minusSiddaramaiah
Should the BJP fail to win a minimum six seats, the Congress and the JD (S) would have the opportunity to forge another alliance. This would mean curtains for Yediyurappa’s political career and for the 40 disqualified legislators who contested on BJP tickets – regardless of who wins or loses. A victory for the two opposition parties will mean ploys like ‘Operation Lotus’ (poaching rival MLAs) will not work. The BJP will also begin the hunt to replace Yediyurappa at the helm. Victory would be a shot in the arm for both the Congress and JD (S), whose fortunes have been flagging. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah will become stronger, but there is the possibility he could be sidelined if the high command decides to form an alliance with the JD (S). The JD (S) could corner a majority of cabinet berths, but may not get the CM’s chair.

************ 3 . President’s rule

Conversely, if the BJP does not win the required six seats, it could lead to more political uncertainty, fueled by a spate of resignations by disgruntled legislators from the JD (S) and the Congress. JD (S), led by former CM HDKumaraswamy, could lend outside support or become part of a BJP-led coalition. On the other hand, the central BJP leadership may refuse the offer of support from the JD (S) and instead impose President’s rule. Result: Fresh polls before (**********************************.

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