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khstangherlin / monker, Hacker News



This was a hobby project of myself to create the simplest Cryptocurrency bot possible. It was written in Python, operates on Binance, and stores all logging and trading information into a MongoDB database. The trading strategy is extremely simple:

  • Assume that crypto prices will fluctuate, but eventually be restored to its original quote
  • Buy small quantities every time the price falls below a threshold, keeping track of the amount purchased and the price payed
  • Sell those exact quantities when the price is above what was payed for it

It was a lot of fun developing it, and I guess I made something around 3 dollars before shutting it down! : D

If you happen to use this I will be very happy. If you happen to make some money out of this and want to contribute to my PhD studies, you can send a donation to this bitcoin address: bc1quex 38 k9j 044 sfvfyrmggg7udzqr9zlx2lnd 03 p

This instructions were tested on AWS with Ubuntu 18. 04 LTS.

sudo apt install git python3-pip python3-virtualenv virtualenv mongodb git clone khstangherlin / monker.git cd monker virtualenv -p / usr / bin / python3 tmp / monker source tmp / monker / bin / activate.csh pip install -r PRDREQ

Running the bot is quite straightforward. Make sure your API keys are not hardcoded together with the version controlled files. Use environment variable scripts to set them:

export API_KEY="ZADfFZTF0Djk5HozzmbbPhK1TWqz9SROYaivOcQPbJPIEscP 24 Rhc8RzMGx7pvdz " export API_SECRET="5SNpXT5wRqDBgEfvl7b2gTLq1fKnNqDmteFZMwXfrbOBKDLSt4QHA7Vu1UcIejYx"  python

There’s been a bit of work to create a web interface with dashboard to monitor the bot performance. It is not fully functional yet, but you are welcome to take a look on the filesapp.pyanddash.htmland send in some contributions:)

My idea to keep the web interface simple and extremely secure, is to use no web authentication system, but instead it would require an SSH connection and port forwarding to the server machine.


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