SUPPORT for Jeremy Corbyn is imploding across the country, a poll revealed last night. Labor voters are abandoning the Left-wing leader in droves – even in the party’s heartlands. The Tories are now ahead in almost every English region.

The latest YouGov survey of 11, 590 adults across the UK is a massive tonic for Boris Johnson, whose party now leads in former Labor strongholds, including the North-west, Yorkshire and the Humber.The Tory gains are being driven by plummeting support for Mr Corbyn’s party, which has dropped 25 points in the North-west to 30 per cent, leaving the Conservatives with a narrow three-point lead.In Yorkshire the same pattern has put the Tories five points ahead, a reversal of Labor’s eight-point lead in 2017

The independent poll was not commissioned by any third party and is the first of its kind comparing support now with the 2017 election.

It came as Labor’s shambolic start to the election campaign worsened last night amid more damaging controversies surrounding 12 of its election hopefuls.

And Mr Corbyn was facing further pressure over anti-semitis m within Labor after one of the party’s most prominent Jewish figures declined to endorse him as Prime Minister.

Dame Margaret Hodge – an MP for 25 years – refused to be drawn on whether she would prefer to see the Labor leader or Boris Johnson in No 10, saying a government is “more than any individual”.

Jeremy Corbyn is losing support across England (Image: Getty)

It appears Mr Corbyn’s unpopularity, his dithering over Brexit and the anti-semitism scandal is cutting through to voters.

Since the 2017 election, Labor’s support in their North-east stronghold has dwindled from 55 per cent to 32 per cent, said YouGov .

Meanwhile, the Tories have dropped eight points since the last election to 26 per cent. The region also has the highest support for the Brexit Party across the country, with 19 per cent.

In London, which voted heavily to remain, the party has secured a ten-point boost to 19 per cent, while Labor remain the largest on 39 per cent despite a 16 – point slump since 2017.

In Wales, support for Mr Corbyn has plummeted from (per cent to) per cent, leaving his party just one point ahead of the Tories, while the Brexit Party sit on 15 per cent.

But everywhere else in the country the Conservatives hold a commanding lead.

In the North West the Tories are on 33 per cent to Labor’s 30 per cent following a 25 per cent collapse for Mr Corbyn’s party.

In Yorkshire and Humberside the Tories are on (per cent and Labor are on) per cent.

In the East Midlands with the Tories are surging on (per cent, 23 points clear of labor.

In the West Midlands Mr Johnson’s party are at 43 per cent with Labor only on 23 per cent.

The Conservatives are riding high in East Anglia, the South East and South West.

A senior Tory source said last night: “It’s no surprise to see public opinion moving away from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party. No one in Britain wants a hardline socialist anywhere near No 10. ”

Esther McVey

Esther McVey(Image: Getty)

Chris Curtis, of YouGov, said: “The data shows voters have moved away from both major parties across the country. The picture is much worse for Labor. ”

Further pressure was mounting on Mr Corbyn last night as it emerged that 12 of his election candidates have previously been forced to apologize for a string of racist or foul-mouthed comments.

There were calls last night for the so-called “dirty dozen” to be barred from standing in next month’s General Election .

Ian Byrne (Liverpool West Derby) shared grotesque messages about Tory peer Michelle Mone and Minister Esther McVey.

Zarah Sultana (Coventry South), said she would celebrate the death of Tony Blair and former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ali Milani (Uxbridge and South Ruislip), apologized after spreading antisemitic abuse on social media.

Apsana Begum, (Poplar and Limehouse), Kate Linnegar (Swindon North) and Abby King, (Aldershot), have provoked anger in an anti-semitism row, while a think tank run by Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, (Thanet South ), tweeted antisemitism conspiracies. Matt Uberoi (Chelsea and Fulham) is a former corporate broker who was jailed for insider trading.

Tony Blair

Jane Aichison (Putney) compared celebrating the death of Tony Blair to that of Adolf Hitler(Image: Getty)

Jackie Schneider (Wimbledon) called the Queen a “welfare scrounger” on social media.

Jane Aichison (Putney) compared celebrating the death of Tony Blair to that of Adolf Hitler.

Ruth Alcroft, (Carlisle) claimed antisemitism w as being used to smear Mr Corbyn. While Sophie Wilson (Rother Valley) made derogatory comments about women campaigning against a strip club.

Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, said: “They are not fit to serve in Parliament.”