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Late block sparks brawl between Kansas, Kansas State The melee started when Kansas State's DaJuan Gordon – ESPN,

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  • LAWRENCE, Kan. – A massive brawl marred the end of

Kansas ) (win over rival Kansas State on Tuesday, with players from both teams throwing punches as the stunned crowd at Allen Fieldhouse looked on.

The melee started when Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa Blocked DuJuan Gordon ‘s shot, then stood over him barking.

With the Jayhawks up big late in the game, De Sousa was stripped by Gordon near midcourt and Gordon tried to go in for a layup. The Jayhawks’ big man recovered and blocked his shot, sending Gordon to the floor. He was hit with a technical foul for taunting.

Kansas State’s Antonio Gordon and David Sloan quickly went after De Sousa, and from there players from both benches ran onto the floor as the game came to an end.

At one point during the brawl DeSousa , who had thrown multiple punches, held up a stool above his head before assistant coach Jerrance Howard grabbed it from him.

It took several minutes for tensions to de-escalate, before both teams exited the court.

Local police officers as well as coaches from both teams helped break up the fight. Former Kansas star Wayne Simien, an adviser to the team, also ran onto the floor to help break up the melee. Multiple fans were caught in the fight and scrambled to safety.

Adding to the bizarre finish, both teams were summoned back from the locker rooms by the officials and one-tenth of a second was put on the clock. Kansas State shot technical free throws to a chorus of boos from the few thousand fans who were still in the arena.

Kansas coach Bill Self called it an “embarrassment” and said there will be consequences tomorrow once he’s done fully reviewing what happened.

“It’s not something to be proud of,” Self said. “What happened showed zero signs of toughness. It’s a sign of immaturity and selfishness more so than toughness. ”

Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber said he advised his players to” back off ” “at the end of the game. He said he was shaking hands with opposing players and coaches when the brawl ensued.

” I didn’t see it, “he said.” It’s disappointing it ended that way. …. You win with class, you lose with class. Disappointing anything can happen at the end. “

Added Weber:” It’s my guys. It’s my fault. … You wish it would’ve ended a little different. It’s sad. “

De Sousa has been at the center of the team’s current situation with the NCAA, which recently issued a notice of allegations following the forward’s ties to the FBI investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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