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Levi Bellfield says Lin Russell was ‘my type’ to fuel speculation he was involved in hammer murders of mum and – the sun,

SERIAL killer Levi Bellfield has renewed speculation about his involvement in the infamous hammer murders of Lin and Megan Russell – by telling a penpal that Lin was his “type”.

The hammer killings of Lin and Megan in July is one of Britain’s most notorious murder cases.

 Levi Bellfield has told a penpal Lin Russell was ‘my type’ to fuel speculation he was involved in the 1996 hammer murders


Levi Bellfield has told a penpal Lin Russell was ‘my type’ to fuel speculation he was involved in the hammer murders

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Shaun Russell with his wife Lin and daughters Megan (second left) and Josie (right), who survived the attackCredit: PA: Press Association

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Lin, Lin, **************************************************, and Megan, who was just six, were the victims of a frenzied attack as they walked along a quiet country lane in Kent, on their way back from a school swimming gala in the village of ChillendenCredit: PA: Press Association

Lin’s elder daughter, Josie, nine, miraculously survived the frenzied attack, in which even the family dog, Lucy, was slaughtered.

Michael Stone, (**************************************************************************, is serving three life sentences with a minimum of 25 years in prison for the killings in Chillenden, Kent, which shocked the nation. He has always maintained his innocence.

In (********************************************************, Stone’s lawyers claim Bellfield confessed to murdering Lin, 40, and six-year-old Megan to a fellow prisoner.

But in a chilling audio segment recorded in his cell, Bellfield rubbished the claims he murdered the pair and branded the allegations the work of a “fantasist” and “compulsive liar”.

However Bellfield has now sparked fresh speculation he was involved in the killings in a series of letters written behind bars.

When his penpal asked about the type of women he liked, Bellfield mentioned TV blondes Holly Willoughby and Emily Atack before moving on to a description chillingly matching Lin.

In the letter, seen by the Sunday Mirror, he wrote: “You mention the Chillenden murders. I was also attracted to the older woman.

“Dark curly hair, 40, slim, the horse type, outdoor dog walker, house-wife type. I had a thing for this type of woman, again who don’t. “

He added: “Who don’t like outdoor afternoon action. The more the better. Is that wrong? No, it’s normal.”


In another letter he spoke of being “addicted to sex” and how his bouncer and taxi jobs made it easy for him to carry out his “addictive hobby”.

Bellfield, who now calls himself Yusuf Rahim, said he had “links to London, Surrey, Kent, Bath, Hastings and even as far north as Blackpool” before describing Lin and Megan’s home county of Kent in detail.

He wrote: “Kent has many lanes and isolated tracks. Horse fields everywhere, lovely countryside”, lso describing Surrey where he killed Milly as “the same and a massive area”.

Then he chillingly added: “As you are aware, I did enjoy some outdoor fun. So such areas certainly accommodated my addictive hobby.”

Bellfield was first linked to the Chillenden attacks in 2019 When Stone’s legal team tried to overturn his conviction by claiming he was “much more likely” to be the killer.

Stone was first convicted of the two murders in 1998 and, after a retrial was ordered by the Court of Appeal, found guilty again in 2001, largely on the strength of a disputed cell confession.

But the heroin addict and convicted armed robber has always maintained his innocence.

In (********************************************************, his lawyers claimed Bellfield made a “very detailed confession” to fellow prisoner Richard Baker.

Baker said Bellfield had told him it was “deeply hilarious that numpty Stone is serving life for what I did.”

All of this was denied by Bellfield.

Stone’s lawyers submitted a dossier to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which could refer the matter to the Court of Appeal and lead to the possibility of his murder convictions being quashed.


Known as the bus stop killer, Bellfield, (**************************************************************************, is currently serving two whole life terms , for the murders of Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange, and for the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

The former wheel clamper caused outrage by finally admitting raping andmurdering – year-old Millyduring a prison interview in May 2015.

It is widely believed by detectives that Bellfield is responsible for numerous other crimes dating back to the s.

He has been linked to violent attacks and rapes in the two decades before he was caught in 2019.

Speaking at the time Colin Sutton, the former Scotland Yard detective who secured the Delagrange and McDonnell convictions, said Bellfield’s 2020 “confession” was just a cruel “mind game”.

He said: “I think he was capable of it but I don’t think he did it. He is playing mind games here. He loves being the center of attention, he likes to create a story and he knows it will cause greater pain and anguish for his victims’ families. “

The ex-nightclub bouncer is one of around 690 whole-life sentence cons in the UK and is held at top security Frankland Prison in County Durham.


Lin and Megan Russell were killed in within months of moving to Kent from north Wales.

Josie, nine, survived despite dreadful injuries.

All three were blindfolded with strips of Josie’s swimming towel as they returned home from a school swimming gala and she and Megan were tied to trees.

The two girls were each struck seven times with a hammer, while her mum, a geologist, sustained 15 blows to the head, almost severing her brain at the stem.

Josie needed intensive neurological treatment for a year before she could even speak again. She lives and works as an artist in north Wales, having returned to Gwynedd with her father soon after the attack.

Stone was found guilty in 2001.

Without any forensic evidence, the jury believed the main thrust of the prosecution’s case – three prison inmates who claimed Stone had confessed.

One of the inmates admitted soon after the trial ended they had lied and another was discredited.

Stone’s legal team challenged his conviction and a retrial was ordered.

But one of the inmates, Damien Daley, then aged (**********************************************************************, maintained Stone had confessed the crime to him.

In late (************************************************************, Stone was once again found guilty and given three life sentences.

Since then Stone has failed in two appeal bids.


though Michael Stone was twice found guilty of murdering Lin and Megan Russell, his case has been contentiousCredit: PA: Press Association

Bellfield’s victims include – year-old Milly (pictured)Credit: PA: Press Association****************************************

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