Line of Duty star 'argued' with creator Jed Mercurio over death –,

Line of Duty star 'argued' with creator Jed Mercurio over death –,

Line of Dutyhas always been excellent, but it felt like series five really took the execution to another level. The way they worked in that whole ‘H’ mystery, improving the levels of tension, the whole thing.

One of the most shocking moments was the death of John Corbett, played by the always brilliant Stephen Graham, who has revealed that he butted heads with writer and creator Jed Mercurio over the scene.



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In a chat that will be shown onThe Graham Norton Show) ‘sNew Year’s Eve special, the actor will talk about the time he tried (and failed) to argue about how he should die on screen.

“It was kind of a shock, was it ? ” he said about Corbett kicking the bucket. “The weird thing about it is when you work on a death scene you want to do it as real as possible, but Jed used to be doctor so when I was being dramatic in rehearsal he would say things like, ‘You wouldn’t do It like that, you wouldn’t choke on your own blood ‘.

“I actually said to him,’ How many people throats have you slit? ‘

Stephen Graham, Line of Duty season 5Stephen Graham, Line of Duty season 5

Aidan Monaghan(BBC)

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“He talked me through how you would die in that situation – it’s really irritating that you can’t argue with a doctor! “

It reminds us of that time Christopher Lee told Peter Jackson on the set ofThe Lord of the Ringsthat he knew first-hand how someone would react to being stabbed … and how people do all kinds of jobs before ending up in the entertainment business.

The Graham Norton Show‘s New Year’s Eve special will air next Tuesday (December****************************************************************************************** ()

**************************************************************************************************************************** pm on BBC One.

Line of Dutyairs on BBC One. Series 1-5 areavailable on boxsetnow.