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Little Alchemy 2, Hacker News

Little Alchemy 2, Hacker News
For those who aren’t familiar with the original one: think the animated overlay when you create a new thing lasts a little bit too long in the new one. An animation might be cute, but it would be better if it didn’t immediately prevent me from continuing to interact with my pile of stuff…


Little Alchemy, the crafting game enjoyed by millions of players around the world, is back with more items, cool new art style and lovely music!

Mix items and create the world from scratch! Discover exciting items accompanied by funny descriptions and lose yourself exploring the huge, new library!

Little Alchemy 2 features:
A new library with completely redesigned item connections.
Vibrant art style.
Original soundtrack.
An in-game encyclopedia with cool item descriptions and a convenient way to explore your progress.

What are you waiting for? The entire world must be discovered!

Absolute favorite mobile game
I finally finished this game just today after playing it on-and-off for a LONG time. Fun fact: if you use up all your items, you can play with all the elements in a sandbox mode! I even bought the Myths and Monsters add-on (which is 100% worth the money if you enjoy this game, even if you don’t know much about either of the two). I will say it can get a little frustrating when you get stuck, but there are plenty of online guides that will give you some answers in order to get going again.
If you’re someone who enjoys learning, I would say this is a definitely good game for you. It’s very simple and follows the real world well- there’s no combinations that aren’t rooted in fact or culture. It’s also very satisfying to find new combinations. This app gives that “aha!” moment when you understand something new without the pressure to get it right.
The soundtrack is nice but if you play it as long as I ended up doing, you will eventually shut it off. Very easy to do from within the app though, which I appreciate.

Little Alchemy 2 is seriously super cool! It’s a great way to pass the time, and I think that it’s honestly better than the one before it (Little Alchemy). You’re basically combining elements to form more elements and you can use those elements to form even more elements—and it just keeps going! It’s so much fun! It also gives you a small explanation on what the element you discovered is, like for example: “Atmosphere: The layer of gases surrounding our planet that protects us from various invisible space horrors.” Plenty of other explanations are as unique as this, too. Unfortunately, I must say it gets hard after a while. Once you’ve discovered a lot of elements, it’s hard to find new ones. Lately, I’ve been getting “atmosphere” a lot. But, since I really enjoy this app truly, so it isn’t very bothersome. On the contrary, it’s fun to discover new combinations for known items! So, to conclude, I recommend this app to those who are looking for a fun time-killer or a cool game to play on their device.

I reverse engineered a bunch of ‘element alchemy games’ (games where you combine elements into new elements), extracted the recipes and wrote a tool to interact with them. See


This repository contains the recipes for some element alchemy games. It also has a CLI to facilitate looking up recipes and usages of an item.

What is an element alchemy game?

An element alchemy game (later EAG) is a game where you start of with the four natural elements (air, fire, water and earth) and combine them in order to form other elements. For example: earth + fire = lava. Example of an EAG

How do I select what game I want to use?

First, determine what the reverse domain of the app is (Example: com.sometimeswefly.littlealchemy) and check if it is available by checking if it is in the JSONrecipes directory. If so, run

./ JSONrecipes/<reverse domain>.json

(Example: ./ JSONrecipes/com.sometimeswefly.littlealchemy.json)

If there is no recipe file for your game yet, please submit an issue or PR.

How do I interact with the CLI? What are the available commands?

Type help to see a list of available commands.

I hate typing!

Uh, okay… Tab-completion for names is available, and most commands are aliased to their first letter.

How did you obtain the JSON recipe files?

Read my blog post (TL;DR: I reverse engineered the apps and extracted the recipes from the decompiled sources)

How are recipe files structured?

item_ids are always positive integers, names are always lowercase strings. A recipe is a dictionary with two keys: ingredients and results. Those keys contain a list of item_ids. The order of the item_ids doesn’t matter.

The JSON file has two keys: recipes (a list of recipes) and names (a dictionary that maps names to item_ids)

What do you think?

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