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Look out for Amy Klobuchar

N ick Allen , on the ground in New Hampshire, is picking up strong support for the US senator …

He writes:

Amy Klobuchar has an exact not-so-secret weapon.

She’s the funniest candidate in the race. Regardless of their politics, or choice of candidate, New Hampshire voters have been leaving Klobuchar rallies with a smile on their face.

Ms Klobuchar’s anecdotes include how her first campaign slogan was “All the way with Amy K,” which she does not use any more after realizing the connotations.

Her zingers include a Sarah Palin-esque one about how she “can see Canada from my porch” in Minnesota.

She also talks emotionally about her roots, including her miner grandfather.

T he crowds have been getting bigger, and late tracking polls had her in third place behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Ms Klobuchar is something of an open book as politicians go, and it is clear the wave of support for Mr Buttigieg has annoyed her.

While he has been a small town mayor she has “passed over 100 bills “in the US senate, and won every election she’s ever fought, including in Republican areas.

“I was really impressed with her and I was not expecting to be,” said voter Marie Lee, , who was wearing a “Pete” sticker at Ms Klobuchar’s event, and may change allegiance.

“She’s got the experience that Pete lacks. She’s been challenged,” she added.

Joe Foster, the former attorney general of New Hampshire, who’s endorsement is sought after by candidates, said he was backing Ms Klobuchar.

He told The Telegraph:

“She’s a rare talent. I’ve seen a lot of presidential candidates.

They all have charisma, but she has an ability to connect with people I haven’t seen in a long time.

I saw it with Bill Clinton, it’s a gift.

She’s smart, she’s tough, and she speaks from the heart. ”

Ms Klobcuhar appeared confident as she visited a polling station today.

She said: “New Hampshire surprises people … we’ve got a great team planning a big party.”

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