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Live updates: Healthy young man dies of coronavirus in China; new cases in Japan, South Korea – The Washington Post, The Washington Post

BEIJING – A young, healthy man from Wuhan and a person living 1, 823 miles from the epicenter of the coronavirus are among the latest victims of the outbreak, which has incited fear and anger across china as its important spring festival gets underway .

Authorities around the country, including in the capital, Beijing, have canceled the temple fairs and festivals that accompany the holiday to avoid having large public gatherings where the airborne virus could spread.

“The public should not gather during the Spring Festival and try stay at home as much as possible to protect themselves, ”Gao Fu, a member of the expert group of the National Health Commission and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said Friday.

He encouraged everyone to wear masks, and photos from train stations and airports across the country showed people with their mouths and noses c overed.

● There are more than confirmed cases of infection , and at least people have died. A total of 8, people are reported to be under observation. The vast majority of the victims had been older than , and almost all of them had existing health conditions.

● Authorities are enforcing a lockdown across large parts of the province of Hubei , population 60 million.

● Officials in South Korea and Japan have confirmed two cases of the virus in each country.

● Infections have also been reported in Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States. In addition to a case confirmed in Washington state, Texas has reported a potential case in Brazos County, 445 northwest miles of Houston.

● The Chinese medical system has clearly struggled to cope with the outbreak , with reports of crowded hospitals, stressed doctors and dwindling supplies.

January 30, (at 8:) AM EST

Nepal confirms first coronavirus case in South Asia

NEW DELHI – Nepal became the first country in South Asia to report a confirmed case of coronavirus in a sign of the widening reach of the illness.

Anup Bastola, an infectious disease specialist at Sukraraj Tropical a nd Infectious Disease Hospital in Kathmandu, told The Washington Post that a – year-old student had arrived in Nepal from Wuhan on Jan. 9. He came to the hospital four days later complaining of a fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Because of his travel history, the hospital isolated him, Bastola said. It also sent a sample of his blood to Hong Kong for testing by the World Health Organization, which confirmed the presence of the coronavirus. Bastola said the patient was discharged from the hospital on Jan. . As of now, none of the patient’s close contacts or any hospital workers are showing symptoms of the virus, Bastola said. “We are monitoring closely,” he added.

India, Nepal’s much larger neighbor, has yet to report any confirmed cases. But according to local news reports, authorities have quarantined two people in a Mumbai hospital who traveled from China and developed potential symptoms of the virus. Tests have yet to confirm whether they are infected with the coronavirus.


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