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Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp Doesn’t Deserve to be the Manager of the Year, Crypto Coins News

  • Arsenal legend Lee Dixon has claimed that Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder should win the Manager of the Year award, not Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.
  • Liverpool are on course to win their first Premier League title, currently enjoying a record-breaking lead at the top.
  • Wilder’s Sheffield United are sitting fifth in the league, and are on course to surprise all the naysayers by not just surviving, but flourishing.

First of all, let me say that Jurgen Klopp is doing a fantastic job at Liverpool this season.

The Anfield side is running away with the league, and they’re still in the FA Cup ( much to Klopp’s dismay ) as well as the Champions League.

Liverpool fans have every right to be proud of their side. But, as things stand, Jurgen Klopp isn’t Manager of the Year, in my opinion.

Liverpool fans are biased; Lee Dixon isn’t

I fully understand the uproar and crying we’ve seen from Liverpool fans over what Lee Dixon has said recently.

Source: Twitter

I expected nothing less. Fans of any team will lean in that club’s favor, that’s simply how it is. That doesn’t mean that Lee Dixon is wrong though, when he throws his backing behind Chris Wilder.

There’s a bigger picture that Jurgen Klopp fanboys don’t see

Realistically, there’s a handful of teams who can win the English title most seasons. Granted, we’ll see an outsider do something amazing once in a while, but the title is usually heading to one of a select number of places.

Liverpool are among that small group.

Source: (Twitter )

Jurgen Klopp recently signed a contract that will see him earn a whopping £ 25 million per year. That puts him right up there with the Mourinho’s and Guardiola’s.

And Liverpool’s spending value their status as a top club.

The likes of Naby Keita, Fabinho, Alisson, Salah, and Virgil Van Dijk don’t come cheap . I know some desperate fans will point to net spend, but that makes not a jot of difference to this debate. The truth is, Liverpool spend big.

Liverpool expects to win.

Sheffield United and Chris Wilder are punching above their weight

When Chris Wilder took over Sheffield United, they were in League One. In his first season, he took them up to the Championship. He then guided them to the Premier League, where they were installed as most people’s favorites to go back down.

They spent £ 32 million on Oli McBurnie , which is an extravagant amount of money for a club of that stature. Most of Chris Wilder’s signings have been freebies over the years.

The fact that they’re currently sitting fifth, above clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Everton is impressive.

They’re currently two points away from Chelsea in fourth, and while they’re unlikely to reach those heights, European football could be on its way to Bramall Lane.

Chris Wilder is Manager of the Year if he maintains United’s position

Any other year Jurgen Klopp would be the natural choice for the Manager of the Year title. Unfortunately, there’s someone else doing a fantastic job with much less money to spend, and far less talented players.

Liverpool should be winning Premier League titles and Champions Leagues. They’re a massive club, with a lot of money. If anything, it’s a disgrace they’ve taken so long to win the league.

Sheffield United, under Chris Wilder, have been fabulous this year.

I know Wilder probably won’t get the nod. The big clubs are always favored in these situations. But everyone who isn’t a Liverpool fan knows Wilder deserves it more.

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