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Lombiq / Hastlayer-SDK, Hacker News

Lombiq / Hastlayer-SDK, Hacker News




Hastlayer- be the hardware. Hastlayer automatically transforms. NETassemblies into computer chips, improving performance and lowering power consumption.

Hastlayer usesFPGAs(chips that can be “re-wired” on the fly): Simply select the compute-bound part of your .NET program, and Hastlayer seamlessly swaps it out with a generated FPGA implementation. Since .NET Intermediate Language assemblies (but not C #, VisualBasic or other code) are transformed, you can use any .NET language (eg C #, VB, F #, C , Python, PHP, and JavaScript) in theory.

Hastlayer was also featured on. NET Conf

. Therecorded sessioncovers interesting features of Hastlayer (it’s also on YouTube

. Check out theFAQfor more information.

This is the PC-side component of Hastlayer, the one that transforms .NET assemblies, programs attached FPGAs, and communicates with said FPGAs.

Created byLombiq Technologies, an open source .NET web development company.

Hastlayer usesILSpy to process CIL assemblies andOrchard Application Hostto utilize (Orchard

as the application framework.

Notes on Hastlayer’s documentation

These text files should only serve as a starting point. The samples are the best source of information on how to use Hastlayer. The public API of Hastlayer is also documented inline as code comments. Please check the comments for clarification. The projects also have README files.

Table of contents

    Working with Hastlayer

    Developing Hastlayer

The project’s source is available in two public source repositories, automatically mirrored in both directions with Git-hg Mirror


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