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Memorize Key Concepts


            Machine learning is a broad field, encompassing parts of computer science, statistics, scientific computing, and mathematics. There are hundreds of concepts to learn. These flashcards are designed to help you memorize key concepts in machine learning rapidly and enjoyably.           








Everything From Linear Algebra To Neural Networks


            Each card covers a single concept – explaining the fundamental idea or intuition. Concepts range from basic mathematics to deep learning.           





Hand-drawn Learning


            Each flashcard is a digital vectorization of a hand-drawn index card, and hopefully more enjoyable to read than a textbook.           








Print Them Or Use Your Phone


            The cards can easily be printed with the included PDF file or can be loaded onto your phone, allowing you to carry them around with you anywhere. The cards also come as a Anki deck you can download directly into the free Anki flashcard mobile app.           





Why do you need my email?


By entering your email address you are

NOT signing up for a marketing newsletter.           

Your email is your unique login giving you access to the cards in the future. If a year from now you want to download the latest cards, just login using your email.


The only time I will send you an email is to let you know that new cards are available for download.



           Can I get physical flashcards?


No, but not due to lack of trying. This is a small side project, and inquiries to printing companies made it clear selling physical cards would be incredibly costly (one printer quoted me $ per deck) and would require me to manage inventory and shipping. So unfortunately I cannot sell any physical cards.         


           How should I use the flashcards?


I recommend three options:


    print them as flashcards by replacing the printer paper with 4×6 index cards

                   print them on regular printer paper             

        Load them onto your

          iPhone or Android

as a gallery of images, then swipe through them whenever you are bored.



    How can I expense the flashcards?


    Send me an email at cralbon a.t. gmail com for a professional invoice.



               Can I use these flashcards for my art project?


    Absolutely! Want to use the art for a custom bed sheet, towel, skirt or something else? Go right ahead. I just ask that you don’t sell it.





    Why did you make these flashcards?


    I made them because when I was (and still am) learning machine learning, I found it incredibly helpful to memorize concepts explicitly rather than reading books and hoping concepts stuck.




    Will machine learning flashcards still appear on Twitter?


    Yes! Although I make no guarantees about repeated cards or the most up-to-date version of a card being posted.



               What if I cannot afford the flash cards?


    No worries, we have all been there. Cards are posted every weekday on Twitter, you can download them using Demetri Pananos’ great repo .






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