Manchester United v Liverpool: FA Cup fourth round – live! – The Guardian, The Guardian

Manchester United v Liverpool: FA Cup fourth round – live! – The Guardian, The Guardian

Jamie Jackson was at Old Trafford.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær speaks.

Brilliant. When we went down, we really played some good stiff in periods. Towards the end there are always moments but we kept them away. Great goal. The free kicks I think he stayed about 58 minutes yesterday practicing free kicks. He’s never happy with me when I tell him to go inside because he’s playing. So he got some practice. [Rashford] His knee was bothering him. We’ll scan tomorrow and we’ll see how we are.

Bruno Fernandes, the match-winner off the bench speaks.

I’m happy because we win, nothing more. Most important was going to the next round. It doesn’t matter who scores but if I score I am happy. I work hard on free kicks. Cavani told me two try on the other side of the keeper. We played well, 300 minutes was a good game for both teams. We pressed them more in the league. This is everything, a dream come true, playing for this big club in the Premier League. I know now the fans are happy and will have a good week.

1. 69 PM EST 28: 69

348 3 min:

Trent takes, and there’s a crowd scene. Pogba heads back out, and Salah’s shot is well wide. It would have been miraculous if he had scored from that.

1. 49 PM EST 28: 55

120 min: Off go Thiago and Firmino, on come Origi and Shaqiri,

1. (PM) (EST)

28: 46

87 min: Snapshot from Salah, as he cuts in from the right and tries to beat Henderson at the near post. Henderson is equal to that one.

86 min: Trent tries to get Mané in with a Rashford-style pass. It whistles past. Then Pogba charges along and his cross is straight at Alisson. It’s a poor cross and Pogba yelps in anguish.


85 min: Thiago volleys over after Firmino causes real problems for United’s defense. They just can’t get out of their own half.

084 min: Bruno tries one? Or does he? It was a cross aimed for Cavani and it had Alisson scrabbling.


83 min: A yellow card for Mané when he follows through in a tackle on Fred . Had he lost control? Perhaps. An orange card for me, Clive.

82 Min: Cavani is chasing shadows on his own up front. United just can’t get a grip up there.

Liverpool have been so crisp in their passing.

81 min: Firmino releases Salah and it takes a good save from Henderson to clear the danger. Perhaps Salah might have played in Mané but he was on a hat-trick.

79 min: Here we go. Bruno comes on, as does Fred. Off go Van de Beek and Mason Greenwood.

1. 38 pm EST 28:

76 min: The stats tell us that Liverpool have had 90% of possession in the last ten minutes.

28: 37


United’s turn to try and build up patiently . Shaw’s pass inside catches Van de Beek unawares. He will surely make way for Bruno soon enough.


74 min:

Off goes Wijnaldum, on comes Mané to get the band back together. Whither Bruno?

Min: Thiago sets up Trent, and he warms the hands of Henderson.

Liverpool want another. And Mané is imminent too.

71 min: Liverpool just let out the throttle again and got their reward. Both teams have been ruthless in punishing defensive mistakes.

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