Thursday , September 24 2020

Mars will disappear from the morning sky on Tuesday for 1.5 hours – News Landed,

The rare event is called a lunar occultation, and it is similar to an eclipse. During an eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up. In a lunar occultation, Earth, the Moon, and another planet line up. During the period of Tuesday’s lunar occultation, Mars will be hidden from view as it passes behind the Moon. This event is very rare due to the different alignment between Mars ’orbit and the lunar orbit.

Depiction of how the event will occur. | Image: AccuWeather

You will be able to see the event without a telescope, as both cosmic entities are bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. Here are the timings for people in different time zones in the U.S. to best view the event, courtesy of AccuWeather.

as the sun rises. early on the eastern coast of the US, it will be slightly harder to see the event. People in central time will have a better view, while the west coast will possibly have the best view of the occultation. This is mainly because it will still be dark when the event is ending, as Mars emerges from behind the Moon. Hopefully, the sky cooperates and provides viewers with a clear, cloudless view of the event. If you have a telescope or binoculars, get them ready for Tuesday!

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Source: AccuWeather

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