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Meme (Multitasking Extensible Messaging Environment): Multiuser Forth VR (1994), Hacker News

tm         is a convergence technology that marries internetworking         to 3D graphics-it’s the framework for constructing         collaborative synthetic environments. “ – Matthew Klapman, President and CEO,         Future Vision Technologies      “There         are a lot of people talking about distributed virtual         environments and a few people actually doing something         about it … Marc de Groot and the Meme tm         system deliver a foundation for the future. “          – Zane Vella, creator, CitySpace     

“The         Promise of virtual worlds remains alive and well. Marc de         Groot’s Meme tm is what         networked VR should have been, should be and, if sanity         prevails, will be. “

– David Lau-Kee, CEO, Criterion         Software      ”is what VRML         always wanted to be, but couldn’t. ” – Zap Andersson, software artist and         founder of ZapTroNic Records          “The only. system that         Comes even close to delivering Internet VR. “          – Frank Crowell, moderator,         vworlds-biz mailing list      “I’m very         impressed. “ ) -Mike         Sellers, creator, Meridian 96          This is good. ”          – Jordan Hubbard, CEO, FreeBSD,         Inc.      “It’s about time that         Meme tm went somewhere. ” -James Waldrop, CTO, Construct, Inc.          mistake about         it, [Marc de Groot] is the guy who invented VRML. ”          – Dr. Lou Katz, Ph.D.      “Marc de Groot is one         of the pioneers of VR. “ – Josh White, President, Vector         Graphics         

“How the         hell did you do that? “          – unknown attendee, Web         Interactive ’96     
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