Saturday , October 31 2020

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers: Live updates, analysis, game stats for 'Monday Night Football' –,


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That could end up being a huge call in this game. Fitzpatrick was ruled short on fourth down after review, and now the Steelers get the ball back up three points with a full quarter left. Pittsburgh’s offense has been rolling as of late.



Not good to see. He’s the one who has been shadowing JuJu for most of the game. We saw what happens last drive when he’s not on the field.https: // / …


Fitzpatrick is taking the Steelers on by himself, and I don’t blame him after some of the drops his wideouts have had this game. On third and fourth down, he ran the ball himself for the first down!



12 plays for 97 yards. What a drive for the Steelers. It’s good to see Rudolph rebound after how poorly he played in the first quarter.


The Dolphins have really struggled in the second half this season. This team looks completely different than they did in the first half.https: // …



Rudolph has been throwing downfield all game and it’s starting to pay off. That was a pretty nice jump ball for JuJu, and it gives the Steelers the lead for the first time. He now has four catches for 94 yards and a touchdown while Rudolph is up to 233 yards passing .



James Conner now has 104 yards on 16 carries. He’s been effective all night, and the Steelers need to continue to run their offense through him. Surprisingly, he only has one catch tonight.



Rudolph with a nice read with pressure on him. James Washington makes his first reception of the night – a 21 – yard catch on 3rd and 20. Steelers have all the momentum.



Minkah Fitzpatrick reels in his second INT against Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the Dolphins are either wondering why they made the mistake of trading him … or they’re thankful they did because he’s helping their odds of remaining winless.


Minkah with his SECOND pick of the night against his former team. A couple of ill-advised throws from Fitzpatrick on that drive. Dolphins looking like the Dolphins again.



The Dolphins stopping the Steelers on the first drive of the second half is big. Nothing has been going Miami’s way since Pittsburgh scored that field goal late in the second quarter. Scoring a touchdown would be huge for the Dolphins, let’s see if Fitzpatrick can keep it rolling or if he’s cooled off.



That 17 – yard run by Conner inches him closer to the 100 – yard mark. He has 79 yards on 13 carries with plenty of football left. The Steelers are down by four but it feels like they’re the ones in control of the game at the moment.



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