More parks and gardens forced to close across UK as public ignores Government 'stay at home' advice – Evening Standard,

More parks and gardens forced to close across UK as public ignores Government 'stay at home' advice – Evening Standard,





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More open spaces are being forced to close across the country as Britons continue to flock to parks, markets and gardens, despite government advice to “stay at home to save lives”.


Organizations such as Chatsworth House, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the National Trust decided to close their gardens ) in order to “restrict the spread of the coronavirus ”after huge numbers turned up at tourist attractions on Saturday.


On Sunday, Hammersmith & Fulham announced that it would be closing all parks in its borough, while the Royal Parks – which looks after eight London parks including St James’s Park and Hyde Park – warned it would consider shutting gates at its parks if people did not adhere to social distancing advice.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park also announced it will temporarily close from Sunday night in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


As pictures emerged of crowds of people out and about in the sunshine, Boris Johnson tweeted: “We will get through this together, and we will beat the virus.


“To win this fight, we need everyone to follow our advice: as far as possible, we want you to stay at home. The more effectively everyone does this, the faster this country will recover. #StayHomeSaveLives. “


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Mr (Johnson) announced on Friday that All pubs, clubs and restaurants would be closed with immediate effect, and reduced transport services are due to start from Monday to encourage limited interactions.


               People walking through Greenwich park in south east London              

The Government have also asked people to avoid all non-essential travel and urged Britons to avoid going out unless it is necessary as part of so-called social distancing.


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted on Sunday: “IMPORTANT: My message to Londoners: Do not leave home unless you have a very good reason. Do not go to work or use public transport, unless you do a critical job.Ignoring these instructions will cause more people to die. ”


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With good weather across the country, visitors flocked to Exmoor National Park, forcing local restaurant and cafe owners to stop offering takeaway services over concerns that social distancing rules are not being followed.


               Shoppers wearing a protective face masks visit Columbia Road flower market (AFP via Getty Images)              

Chief Executive Sarah Bryan said: “We understand people wish to spend time in beautiful places. like Exmoor at this extremely worrying time, when all other sources of respite are few and far between.


“But with people lives and livelihoods at stake, it’s vital that Government guidelines around social distancing are strictly followed to slow the spread of the virus and protect our local communities and NHS services.”


A spokesman for the Royal Parks said their venues would remain open for the time being, though cafes and kiosks have been closed.

                                                                                                                                                 They added that, following police advice, they had started closing some roads in outer parks such as Richmond and Greenwich, and that designated car parks would be open only for key workers.                                                                                                                                                              

The spokesman added: “If people do not follow social distancing guidelines, we will have no choice but to consider closing the parks.”


Speaking about the move to close Chatsworth, chief executive Stephen Vickers said the decision had “not been taken lightly”.


“The situation is enormously complex and fast-moving, and we believe that taking decisive action to help implement effective social distancing is in the best interests of all of our visitors and staff, and is part of the collective national effort to help contain the coronavirus, ”he said.

                                                                                                                                                              “On behalf of the Duke and Duchess (of Devonshire), and everyone at Chatsworth, I would like to thank our visitors for their continued support, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back soon.                                                                                                                                                 

The estate added that, as a “vital food service outlet”, the Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop remains open and that strict measures are being taken to ensure the safety of workers and customers.


An RHS spokesman said its gardens had remained “very busy” on Saturday and that it could no longer “guarantee the Government’s requirement for social distancing”

                                                                                                                                                                                   People out and about in Whitstable on Mother’s Day (AFP via Getty Images)              

National Trust director-general Hilary McGrady said the organization would be taking measures to ensure that People do not lose their connection with nature, and that sites of natural beauty remain open “virtually”.


“We know that people are likely to need space and fresh air in the coming weeks and months and we will do all we can to provide access wherever possible,” she said.


“Over the coming weeks, our digital platforms – our website, social media feeds, podcasts and video – will become even more important, ensuring the places of nature, beauty and history that we care for on behalf of the nation can remain open for business virtually while we are temporarily closed.


“We will also be ramping up our efforts to help people connect with nature wherever they are and to find moments of joy in the world around them.”


Yorkshire Wildlife Park Chief Executive John Minion said: “We have been asked by numerous visitors to stay open so our 728 acres of park can be used for exercise and fresh air whilst enjoying our unique collection of animals.


“But we have been reviewing the situation on a daily basis and we now feel it is our responsibility to be part of the national solution to stop the spread of this terrible virus.”




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