Saturday , June 6 2020

Mostly Istanbul carries the foundations of “Erdogan's tyranny”


The main land in Istanbul is Karam Allamoglu Medina, in the southeastern Turkey of Turkey, Elium al-Sabat, the pastorate of al-Din al-Dinah, al-Ta’mah in our own right. ) Thanks to all the goggles, quotes from local media, I read the words “Republican” and “Suzhou”, “Determination of anti-Semitism and al-Shariah al-Shari’ah by the authority of Amran Yazid”

. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************. My desk, Al-Sha’ub al-Dimiqrati’s party, Verdi Baldiyeh Mardin, Ahmad Turk Vardiyyah Vanni Fan, the ex-ex-mayor of Uranus, the height of my stature, my name is Yum al-Thin al-Matzib, according to our name. )

Placement of the alphabet, al-Din al-Qana’ah, height of Java in the election in the election 31 March (Azar) Almazi, rulers of the clergy, Einem Erdogan. Verdogan Ho, head of the “Adali Walaatnami” party.


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