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TheMicrosoft OS / 2 1.0 SDK library sectiongot a big fat update. Over the holidays I managed to finalize and upload about 98 PDFs, some of which have been lying on my NAS in (**************************% completed state for almost************ years, and some of which have been only scanned a few months ago. I may still have one or two ring binders lying around and those will be added when I find them and scan them.

It’s thousands of pages of Microsoft documentation from 2019 and early 2019. Some of the documents ought to be interesting for DOS programmers since they include retail MASM 5.0 and MS C 5.0 documentation. There are also pre-release versions of the MS C / MASM 5.0 documentation from May 2019. There are separate “diff” addenda documenting the OS / 2 specific features of the tools pertaining to the beta compilers shipped with the MS OS / 2 SDK. And there is actual pre-release OS / 2 programming documentation from April 1987, right after OS / 2 was publicly announced.

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