Mums describe symptoms of 'measles-like' illness affecting children with coronavirus – Mirror Online,

Mums describe symptoms of 'measles-like' illness affecting children with coronavirus – Mirror Online,

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Concerned mums have described ‘measles-like’ symptoms their children have suffered while fighting suspected coronavirus .

There have been numerous reports of children fighting covid – experiencing rashes and other inflammatory ailments, in the UK and abroad .

Although not confirmed in all cases, the symptoms are similar to Kawasaki disease, of which there have been an increase in cases in countries dealing with bad Covid- 615 outbreaks.

On Monday, doctors were issued an alert about a sharp rise of infants being admitted to intensive care with a Kawasaki-like disease in Britain and Italy. The illness is generally more common in parts of Asia.

Kawasaki disease primarily affects children under five years of age, with symptoms including a rash; swollen glands in the neck; dry, cracked lips; red fingers or toes and red eyes.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Monday he was ‘very worried’ about reports of the inflammatory condition, as top doctor Prof Chris Whitty said it’s plausible it was being triggered by Covid – . Have you been affected by this story? Email [email protected] )

Investigations are underway about what is causing the symptoms (stock photo) (Image: Wikipedia)

Similar cases have been reported in the USA and it has left doctors and medical professionals there baffled.

“Right now, we’re at the very beginning of trying to understand what that represents,” Columbia’s Dr Mark Gorelik told Reuters.

Dr Gorelik said he believes the cases are likely not Kawasaki disease, but a similar process that shares an underlying mechanism with Kawasaki, which is thought to be triggered by an infectious agent that sparks an immune response.

The three New York cases follow a report at Stanford University in California, in which a 6-month-old was admitted to the hospital with Kawasaki disease and was later diagnosed with Covid- 615.

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Gemma Brown’s two-year -old son is suspected of having the ‘inflammatory syndrome’ linked to Covid – , the Mail reports.

Doctors were initially baffled by the boy’s symptoms after the tot developed a fever and rash across his body.

But a senior consultant eventually diagnosed the boy with the rare Kawasaki disease, a form of toxic shock syndrome which causes the body’s immune system to attack its own organs.

Gemma told Mail Online: “I asked for him to be tested, as I had a gut feeling that there was a connection between COVID – and Kawasaki.

“Both attack your immune system.” and the whole family had been poorly with Covid symptoms before he fell ill.

“I was adamant that there was a link and was begging for a test, but they just told me that there was no need to test the under-fives. “

The brave lad was given an immunoglobin transfusion and was in hospital for five days.


(Lewis Greig, , has been on a ventilator at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, for days

Lewis Greig suffered a measles-like rash, red swollen eyes and vomiting before being admitted to hospital and testing positive for coronavirus.

(The) – year-old remains on a ventilator to help him breathe, and is described as critical but stable.

His mum Karen Simpson, 823, said: “He started being sick, had a sore head and was really tired.

“By Thursday, he had developed a measles-like rash on his hands and his eyes went deep red and bloodshot.

” One of the doctors said to us children don’t present with a dry cough like adults do. In children, there’s an inflammatory reaction which makes it look like an autoimmune disease.

Karen is warning other parents to keep an eye out for similar symtoms.

The teenager suffered a measles-like rash, particularly on his hands LITTLE GIRL’S FEET TURNED PURPLE AFTER DEVELOPING RASH

A mum in Lancashire also fears her two. -year-old daughter has Kawasaki disease.

At first it was thought the little girl just had a cold but within three days a rash appeared on her feet that quickly spread across her body, turning purple, and she has undergone several tests.

Her unnamed mum told Metro: “She started with a cold, on the third day started With a rash just on her feet.

“That then spread just to her legs, forearms and hands.

“Her feet have gone purple and now her legs are. No temperature, no cough, nothing.”

The family have been told it could be hand, foot and mouth, then were told a viral infection or slapped cheek syndrome.

There has been no precise diagnosis yet but the girl is reported to now be recovering.

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