Murder, gun running and 'witchcraft' – Europe's most wanted women revealed – Manchester Evening News,

Murder, gun running and 'witchcraft' – Europe's most wanted women revealed – Manchester Evening News,

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A woman who beat another woman to death , a wife accused of shooting her husband in the head, a suspected gun-runner, international pimps and an alleged voodoo sex trafficker have been revealed as among Europe’s most wanted females.

Their cases have been highlighted by Europol’s‘Crime has no gender’ campaign, in which the faces of fugitives are artistically masked on the agency’s website, with their identities and details of their crimes disclosed as visitors scroll down the page.

(The wanted include) women who are convicted or accused of crimes including murder, people smuggling, robbery, drugs trafficking and serious fraud by countries across Europe.

Europol spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet said: “People think that usually these crimes are not being committed by women, but they are and they are equally as serious as those committed by men.

“” [When] a viewer scrolls [on the Europol website], the face of the wanted fugitive is revealed and they will be able to see if it’s a man or a woman.

“The idea is to attract as many visitors as possible, with experience showing us that the more eyes that look at the wanted fugitives, the higher the chance to locate and arrest the wanted person ‘. “

Kristi Amberg

Kristi Amberg

Amberg is wanted for drug trafficking in Estonia.

The 30 – year-old is alleged to have used a network of dealers to sell amphetamine, cocaine and GHB.

On arrest she faces a jail term of one year and nine months.

Elizabeth Dizon Honrada

Elizabeth Dizon Honrada

The Philippines national was jailed for five years for smuggling (kg of cocaine from Surinam into the Netherlands.

Wanted since 2010, the 57 – year-old’s last known whereabouts were Saudi Arabia , where she was spotted in 2014.

Adilet Shakirgazieva ********

Adilet Shakirgazieva

The 31 – year-old Kazakh is wanted for a series of thefts in Malta in

Alongside four men she is alleged to have broken into numerous apartments and stolen cash and jewelery.

Shakirgazieva was arrested in September 2015, appeared in court and remanded into custody.

But after being granted bail in May 2017 she went on the run .

Jessica Edosomwan

Jessica Edosomwan

Wanted by French authorities, Edosomwan is alleged to have been part of a gang of people smugglers who used a form of witchcraft known as ‘juju’ to force young Nigerian girls into prostitution.

Operating in every major French city the gang housed in the girls in terrible conditions, charging them

The victims, who were run by an older woman known as ‘la Mama,’ were then prostituted on the streets.

The money they made was then sent back to Nigeria through an informal payment system known as ‘hawala’.

Edosomwan, 26, has been on the run since 2017 and could be in France, Belgium or Germany.

Ildiko Enderle

Ildiko Enderle

Enderle, 43, is wanted by Romanian police who suspect her of trafficking girls, some minors, into the Czech Republic.

There, the victims, who had been promised work and housing in Germany, were forced into prostitution.

Angelina Sacjuka ********

Angelina Sacjuka

In the early hours of October 20, in Riga, Latvia, Sacjuka and an accomplice beat a woman to death.

The victim was punched and kicked repeatedly, breaking nearly all her ribs.

The injuries caused lethal damage to her vital organs.

Following the attack Sacjuka, 20 , and her accomplice tried to cover the body with leaves.

She was sentenced to 3 years, 11 months and 28 days but remains at large.

Hilde Van Acker

Hilde Van Acker

On May 23, 1996, British businessman Marc John Mitchell was murdered in the Belgian coastal town of De Haan.

Van Acker and her boyfriend Jean-Claude Lacote were sentenced to *** imprisonment for the killing.

She’s been on the run ever since.

Ildiko Dudas

Ildiko Dudas

Dudas is wanted by the Hungarian courts for drug dealing and child abuse.

The 31 – year-old was sentenced to six years in prison for selling amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine in nightclubs around Lake Balaton.

Dudas and her partner often took along their young children while they were dealing.

Elisabeth Gertrude Skarits ********

Elisabeth Gertrude Skarits

Skarits is wanted by Austrian police in connection with a massive real estate and rental fraud which allegedly saw her swindle around 4.2m Euros .

The crimes were committed between 2005 and 2008 when the 63 -year-old was the managing director of a property management company.

Her last known location was a hotel in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria, between June and August 2011.


Elena Puzyrevich

Elena Puzyrevich

Between 2007 and 2008 Puzyrevich ran a brothel in Caceres in Spain, in which nine young women from Russia were forced to work as prostitutes.

The 39 – year -old sometimes met the girls herself when they landed at Barajas airport from where they were taken straight to the club.

Many of the girls were deceived about the type of work they would be doing in Spain and were made to pay off the debts they incurred traveling to the country.

One girl jumped out of a window in an attempt to escape and was hospitalized.

Puzyrevich was jailed for five years for illegal detention and determination to prostitution.

Olivera Petrovic Ristic

Olivera Petrovic Ristic

Ristic is accused of the murder of 75 – year-old Italian man during a botched robbery at his home in December 2017.

The victim was tied to a chair by his wrists, beaten and strangled while Ristic, a Serb, and her accomplices demanded to know where his money and jewelery were

The gang also attempted to suffocate the victim’s 94 – year-old mother.

Monika Rafaelova

Monika Rafaelova

Alongside several accomplices Rafaelova carried out a number of aggravated thefts and frauds against elderly women in food stores and shopping centers across Sweden, it’s

The gang would steal the victims’ bags or purses and shortly after withdraw money from their bank accounts, it’s alleged.

Renata Lorinc

Renata Lorinc

Bank worker Lorinc is wanted for stealing money from the accounts of her clients.

In total she swindled 46, 179 Euros.

She was found guilty in her absence in January.

Since 2015 she has been living in Connecticut in the USA.

Zorka Rogic ********

Zorka Rogic

Croatian national Rogic, 28, is wanted, accused of drugs, gun-running and trafficking in explosives.

Dorota Kazmierska

Dorota Kazmierska

Kazmierska is wanted by Polish police for the fatal shooting of her husband in January

The 44 – year-old is accused of shooting him to the head with a Walter P 99 Semi-automatic pistol.

An award of 2, 330 Euros is on offer for information leading to her conviction.

Radina Stancheva

Radina Stancheva Zhecheva

Last year Zhecheva was jailed for five years for a series of frauds she carried out between 2010 and 2011.

The – year-old acted as a broker, arranging travel and work at home and

But she used forged documents and swindled money from her clients.

Melanija Stropnik

Melanija Stropnik

Slovenian police say that between November (and July) in Ljubljana Stropnik ‘seduced and defrauded’ her victim, persuading him to give her 188, 000 Euros under the false claim she was going to invest it in her company .

Iveta Tancosova

Iveta Tancosova

In August 2010 Tancosova lured a yung girl to England under the false pretences of working as a nurse.

Immediately after the girl’s arrival she took her passport and told her she would be working as a prostitute.

When the victim refused she was severely beaten and locked in a room.

For several months the victim was forced to have sex with dozens of clients.

In January 2011 Tancosova sold the victim to relatives in Ireland where she was again forced to work as a prostitute.

On arrest Tancposova, 52, faces seven and a half years in prison for human trafficking, having been found guilty in her absence.

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